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BEST is unattainable and temporary; instead, we should aim for BETTER … By Duro’s Son

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‘Best’ is just an abstract, it doesn’t reflect reality; best is temporal and isn’t fixed. Being a better person suits you, to be the best, isn’t a necessary evil. Our world is in danger because we aim for the best. “Best” has harmed us, harmed our country; best, aims for competitiveness, it is a crime on humanity. Dictionary has done us harm more than good this time, best push forward, enmity. I am crying, though I am not weeping because written works make societies believe that best can be attainable. Why can’t we aim for a better society, since the best is an abstract, doesn’t exist, and why can’t we be a better person, since being the best is temporal? Your best is another person’s failure/shortcoming, but if you aim for a better person, it will be for you and you alone (the best version of yourself). ‘You can do better’, is making yourself a better version of you. Erase the thought of being the best because it is the shortcut to doing evil and its competitiveness endangers humanity. Once you make your society a better place to live it will make the solution fixed, because making it a better place is self-driven.
Sometimes being the best is like wearing the image of who you are not. Humans have no limit to what they can attain on earth, therefore, best is unattainable.

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