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Book Review | Aboo Haneefa’s The Heirs By Omar Muaz

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The central plank of “The Heirs” is to water every avid book reader’s anhydrous throat. The Heir is a book of five chapters which has placed on tray how siblings fight over inheritance. Despite the unconstrained love and care the siblings — the twins in individuation— had for one another, things still went unwell as fire broke out after the death of their beloved father, Alh. Audu, who was spiked by paralyze since the time he lost his second wife to Hajiya Saude, Hajiya Fatima. Every chapter has been blown-minded and high-flyingly written in a different style that none on earth will ever regret reading them.

Well, I admire Hassan the most because of his level of tolerance and kindness. Ever since the earth came into existence, over thirteen billion years in assumption, I have never for once heard—with exception of prophets, companions and the generation that immediately followed them—of some with pure heart as him. He forgave Jazuli and enriched him. What a kindness! What beautified the story the most is how the author, Aboo Haneefa, unpredictably scribbled it.

Love scene is always my favorite. I am so much in love with the way Aboo Haneefa arranged the story. The diction is indeed a unique one. I thought, before reading the book, he would use big vocabularies to puzzle his ideas as he at times do in his poems. He’s unpredictable in The Heir as he used simple dictions.

I repeatedly read the below paragraph as it reminds me of my travelogue from Adamawa to Kaduna around 2017:

“It was a storm-rainy evening which made the drivers to be moving gently due to the unfavorable weather. On the mid-sitter, a slim girl sat toward the extreme left side, a young man who looked twenty seven sat next to her. Throughout the journey, there was no Hi-and-Hello that came between the two passengers. But the rest were distinctively exchanging pleasantries. Chatting, sleeping, and listening to music and the rest. It was a narrow zigzag escape from pothole the driver made that tended her, the slim girl, to fall on the young guy’s lap and she hastily dragged her body away from him. “Sorry please, I didn’t mean that” she muttered in a serene voice. It was none but Hassan who was beside her.”¹

I laughed until I was about to giggle out my ribs when Jazuli stole Yusrah’s phone number from Hassan. Despite the hostility, Jazuli still got something worthy from Hassan to be stolen. Lol. The character I abhor the most is Jazuli. The name sounds sweet but bitter than zaqum is his behavior. I adjusted my sitting to enjoy the story then, boom! The end. I pray and hope the author will soon come up with its sequel.

Around 2018, I watched South Korean television series, The Heirs. It was the first Korean drama co-produced by American digital distribution platform Drama Fever and Korean production company Hwa & Dam Pictures. The series was a major hit in South Korea and received immense popularity across Asia² and the remaining continents including Africa. The series in its unique sense portrayed how inheritors live, yet Aboo Haneefa’s The Heirs has done more impact on such compared to the earlier. Kudos to the author.

I wish I could rate the book one thousand percent. Fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters, get a copy of this book and travel across the forest of intellectuality planted by this great author, Aboo Haneefa.

¹ [The Heir, Chapter II p.g 5-6] ² [Dramafever Set To Premiere First Original Co-production The Heirs]

Omar Muaz is a Nigerian Writer, Poet, Educationist, Co-host of Girl Child Education Right and Support (GCERs), Host of Education Achievers Project (EAP) and Founder of Teachers First Movement of Nigeria as transformed to Learners First Initiative. He’s currently a sedulous sophomore with the Department of Arts and Social Science, Faculty of Education, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria Kaduna-Nigeria, 400 Level.

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