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SCIENCE OF HAPPINESS By Nasiru Taofeeqat Temitope

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Some persons and situations are not just meant to be in our lives. As a matter of assumption, our conception isn’t even coincidental, but are literally meant to live them. Meant to live their feelings, situations, thoughts, perception and individuality as a whole.

I said this because, overtime, I have come to reasoned that, human security isn’t mentored by being in a right state of mind. You will want to know that, “Every man is a wonder sculpture, a walking canvas of mystical art, interlocked with cosmic illusion to wander a tired path. Once longing for this, and another thing fighting for that.”

Perhaps, the mistake made by lots of us, is often trying to live through situation, trying to tolerate mishaps and not understand the concept of the craziness and not willing to live them.

For this and whole, I thus come to the conclusion that, life will be a lot easier and more reliable perhaps if we try to live the feelings of what it throws at us. Situations and all forms of mishaps that life throw to us and not only tolerate them or run away from them.

Explicitly, accept them all as a part of you and leave the questioning aside. This wouldn’t only give you respite but also serve you respite in all respects.

Bizarre isn’t it? that the whole idea of life, it is like a long rope where you stand from the parting line and going to the thinner end.

Stay happy while living.

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