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Praise be to the Nigerian God this morning. I awoke to another day of hustles, may he (Nigerian God) bless all our hustles today, amen. In case you do not know, the Nigerian God is the God of excesses.

The God that destroys our enemies for us with flaming swords and is not merciful. This God blesses your hustles as long as you will pay tithes and give alms. It does not matter whether you are Christian or Muslim. The Nigerian God does not discriminate.

In fact, you can even add traditional worship to supplement, who knows through what way the Nigerian God will respond? Even if you do internet fraud or engage in public funds looting, the Nigerian God will bless your hustle. Just ensure you do the proper tithing and public show of help to the needy.

Do not fret if you insist on bribes before performing your duty, the Nigerian God understands that this is your hustle and that you must live above your means to survive in Nigeria.

Also, part of the requirements to achieve answers to prayers from the Nigerian God is that you must pepper the less privileged. Of what use is the uplifting from the Nigerian God to you if you cannot show it off and oppress?

Please do not come here and start ranting if you worship other Gods.  I am specific about the Nigerian God. Carry your sanctity and go another place abeg. We the Nigeria worshipers like our God the way he is. Leave it for us like that.

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