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PERCEPTION ON RAPE By Alao Emmanuel Ayodeji

Written by Editor

I was obliged to write on the rape issues in our community. It will be inhumane to keep quiet as rape issues can occur even to one’s close relatives. 

Rape is a forbidden act; a physical assault which causes mental instability and most time leads to death on its victims.  In my own perception a rapist should be sentenced to a severe legal punishment if he is truly convicted.

While optimal condemnation is to be employed, we should not ignore the fact that there are causes of rape so as to completely uproot this vice from our society.  As our current community is fast developing and emulating developed countries, we should put an end to these nefarious activities they come along with civilization.  From accumulated facts, the USA recorded 67,345 female and 12,100 males as sex offense victims in 2012(FBI).

A 2010 study conducted by centers for disease control in the USA found that around 1 in 5 women and 1 in 71 men (an additional 1 in 21 men were “made to penetrate” someone else) had experienced an attempted or complete rape in their lifetime. 

Therefore, we can deduce that the rate at which rape is experienced in our so called ‘developed country” is highly nagging. This means that we should critically look into the defects in those countries with alarming rate of rape cases.  Now, we have some uprising questions; how can we bring a drastic reduce to rape in our community?  Don’t we think that we should proffer every possible solution in eliminating this bad attitude?

Appropriate answers to these questions are at hand if we are not being hypocritical.  Scientifically proven, what we see and hear have a direct impact and influence on what we do. We all know that rapists are not given birth to become such whether male or female, they are influenced by what they see and listen to in our modern society.

In order to curb and rectify sexual assault our community needs thorough reformation like prohibition of musicians celebrating the act of rape through their songs that most people listen to nowadays and by implementing suitable laws or rules on the inappropriate use of the internet that contribute to exposition to rare sex life, public enlightenment for both young and old on how well to relate with the opposite sex. I will lay emphasis on reasons why we need to educate people both male and female on how to relate with opposite sex. 

“There was an incident where a guy invited a lady over to his place after spending a lot on her.  Then the lady went to him with provocative cloth, she decides to spend the night at his place while thinking that a ‘NO’ will be enough to caution him from having sexual intercourse with her through that night. ” My comment is that, this shows the level of immaturity and indecency on the lady’s path. I will not be amazed if a person refutes the positive evidence of my perception. This will then be that such person is one of those who bring defects in our society. 

Furthermore, the benefits of decent dressing cannot be overemphasized as we can see in communities that disallow indecent dressing: Never had I seen or heard a nun or a veiled woman (niqabi) been a victim of rape. Since it is impossible for every lady/girl to be a nun or veiled woman(niqabi), they should at least dress decently. In Saudi where indecent dressing is prohibited, they had 0.3 reported rape per 100,000 population. 

Although there are some serial rapist who regardless of the aforementioned problems we have in the society that increases the rate of rape cases, they still rape victims. They should be sentenced to life imprisonment or death if found guilty of being a serial rapist.       .                                                   


Member of demo voice.     

Say no to rape, it is a sin against God and humanity. 

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