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SUSAN’S DIARY (Revealed) By Ajayi Abiola

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‘You will do no such thing!’ mom bellowed angrily, trembling the way the tree branches in our compound does before it rains. Just when she thought all was perfect, Dad decided to throw bricks at it all.

She wouldn’t allow it. He knew how busy she could be and yet still came up with this plan of traveling to Ukraine! How does he expect her to combine the stress of her business and the kids?

‘Kate, you know how much this means to me’ He purred, stroking her cheeks gently.

‘Honey, it’ll only be for a few years and you know how long I’ve waited for this opportunity.’

He leaned down to kiss her on the lips, ‘I’ll make it up to you, baby. I can go with Tracy and Steve If it would reduce the stress. You’ll only have Susan to cater for.’

The thought of having to stay alone without her husband sent a chill through her spine.

‘Alright, Just make sure you always keep in touch’ She said, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Those were the thoughts in my mind when I woke up from sleep. I had earlier told Tunde I needed to take a quick nap while we were in the living room together.

‘You and sleep ehn’, he had remarked.
I’m sure all you will do is sleep, on your honey moon’’, he said mockingly.

‘If I no sleep on my honey moon, wetin I gain?’ I retorted jokingly as I walked to my room.

It’s been two years dad traveled and I tell you, life has not been the same. Although he checks up often, nothing can be compared to his presence in the house.

His warm hugs every morning, the way he rounds off the prayer during devotion, and even the way he kisses mom at intervals. They were so romantic together. Life was interesting in those days and being home was always fun…

The past few days has really been a busy one for me. Mom’s birthday was around the corner and we had a whole lot to plan. It was so stressful that it affected my sleeping pattern, and I couldn’t meet up with daily walk outs with Tunde anymore.

But this day was different. I had been up earlier than usual. I got to sitting room and saw Tunde tying his shoe lace.

“Susan”, he called, not looking up, all his concentration fixated on passing the lace through the last hole of his pearly white sneakers.

‘My sleeping beauty is up early today.’, he said smiling .
‘I just got a fitness indicator, how about we both take it out for a test run?’ He added.

Tunde always had his way. Although, I was in no mood to run, but the mention of fitness device thrilled me. I wanted to check it out immediately, because I loved technical devices.

‘Alright, let me change my dress.’ I said, rushing to my room.

We had just run down our street when I felt a sharp pain in my leg and I almost fell. Tunde’s razor sharp reflex was quick to rescue. He caught me in his strong muscular arms as a knight would catch a clumsy princess. He set me down ever so gently with a really worried look in his eyes.

He took my ankle in his hands and started massaging them, sending a ripple of pain and pleasurable sensations all over my body.

I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply enjoying the warmth of his hands on my legs. The pain subsided in no time, but I enjoyed the massage for some more seconds before placing my hands on his, and telling him I feel better.

My heart palpitates loudly at the thought of Tunde. Sometimes, it was as if my heart would physically run out of my chest towards him but I would take my heart back before it could leap out of my rib cage and shove back to where it belongs.

The way he romantically holds my hands, his soft pats on my back, the way he looks at me, the way he calls my name and the moments we’ve shared gave me hope that he’s mine for the taking.

As he helped me up, arms around my waist and mine around his neck, my heart swelled with so much joy at this gesture that I started grinning so wide like a cheshire cat, but had to catch myself in time and plaster back the look of pain.

He led me home, and with our bodies so close to each other, I could swear that I heard our heart beating in a beautiful symphony.

’Tunde likes me back!’, I thought to myself blushing and hugging my pillow tightly. Pressing it to my head, I caught a whiff of Tunde’s scent.

“Oh Tunde! My Tunde, I wonder what he is doing right now. Maybe he is thinking about me too? Or is he thinking about how to tell express his feelings towards me?”.

Reality gave me a hard slap out of my fantasy land when common sense kicked in and it dawned on me that thinking might be the least thing Tunde is doing as he might be fast asleep.

‘Who is the Jonah now? I will make sure I disturb him today”, I thought as I walked to his room.

I wanted to just scream his name, but I decided to be coolheaded and not act razz as he had once accused me of being.

I marveled at the unusual sound coming from Tunde’s room. ‘Maybe he is watching a movie all by himself’, I thought to myself jealously as I listened intently.

‘Oh wait! This isn’t the sound of any movie! Could it be that Tunde has a health challenge I wasn’t aware of?’ I was so scared at the thought of his life in danger.

‘Keep calm, Susan”. I whispered to myself. His door was slightly opened so I peeped through the small opening.

I was confronted with a sight so unbelievable, that even in all my trips to fantasy land, I could never imagine it possible.

I blinked several times, wishing I could blink what I had just seen away. My hands flew up to my mouth in a feeble attempt to cover up the scream that threatened to come out as I ran blindly back to my room…

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