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SUSAN DIARY By Ajayi Abiola

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I was in bed when mom came into my room. Even as a busy woman, she tried to make time out for her children.

‘Mom….?’ I called out sleepily as I sat up rubbing my sleep laden eyes.

‘I missed you so much’ she said, pulling me out of the bed into her warm embrace. She smelled delicious like chicken sauce this morning, she must be preparing breakfast already.

‘I can also see that you and Tunde are really getting along’, she said, giving me a peck on my cheek as we sat on my bed.

‘Oh mum! Tunde is the true definition of a big brother’, I said, blushing.

She looked around my room, her eyes wide with pride, ‘I love how organised you are, she remarked, reaching out to tickle my sides, just the way she knew I liked it.

I chuckled inwardly at her statement. I just couldn’t imagine my room being unkempt, especially with someone like Tunde in the house. I wouldn’t want him preaching to me about cleanliness.

You see, Tunde and I have a lot in common. His love for lawn tennis especially. I’m better at it though I allow him win the game sometimes. I love his muscular features too. His sharp jaw line, his biceps, pumping up anytime he lifts something heavy. Sometimes, I catch myself drooling while I watch him intensively.

Tunde is the kind of guy that would do anything to build his muscles. He’s very athletic. On several occasions, he had tried lecturing me on the benefits of exercises , but I wouldn’t budge. ‘I love me the way I am’ I retorted sharply when he brought up the topic. But he’d take a look at me and shake his head disapprovingly.

‘Your tummy is getting bigger’ He remarked condescendingly, as he bent to adjust his shoe lace.

A bit thrown aback, I could picture my pride deserting me, leaping over our high fence and fleeing from its unfit owner.

‘My tummy! How can my tummy get bigger? That’s not possible! Tunde you’ve started with your expensive jokes again right?’ I retorted weakly.

‘How can I joke with such a thing! It’s not just your tummy oh… In fact, you’ve added weight!’ He said keeping a blank face.

I couldn’t believe my ears. How did I allow this to happen ? Have I been eating too late at night? Or have I been taking junk meals than necessary? ‘ I thought silently. I stood in anger and stormed into my room. In few minutes, I was ready to jog round the earth.

‘Let’s go’ I said frowning. He looked at me, smiled and opened the door.

Jogging with Tunde, comes with so much fun, sometimes, we just sit and talk. He’s such a lively person. He shows me so much care too. I like everything about him, but, he’s in love!
I have to do something about these thoughts. I’ll just spill it out! Tunde should understand! He knows so much and he’s quite mature too. He’s the only one I can speak with right now. I stood up , determined to put an end to my unholy fantasies. ‘Tunde, I need to speak with you, I said.

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