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SUSAN DIARY (Troubled Waters) By Ajayi Abiola

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Troubled Waters…

Mom had just arrived from one of her trips to Chicago. Mom travels a lot due to the nature of her business. But there was something spectacular about this trip. She didn’t come back alone! She came back with someone!

‘She didn’t even inform us before bringing a stranger into our home!’ I retorted silently. ‘Look at his face’, I soliloquized, ‘like that of a forgotten _Almanjiri_ ’.

‘Hello, you must be Susan’, He said, grinning.

‘Who the hell does he think he is?’ I looked at him with disgust, and ignored his gestures.

‘Oh my gosh! How could someone be this proud! His presence in this house irritates me already!’
In my stream of consciousness, I kept ruminating on why mom would bring in a stranger to come live with us! Mom had better come take care of him herself, I would not show an iota of my hospitality to this man standing right in front of me.

‘Susan’, Mom walked in, ‘ Meet, Ola… what’s happening here? You didn’t offer him a seat? Mom queried.
‘Oh! Welcome’ I said, with a smirk.

‘Susan, this is Olatunde’, Mom said, with an angry gesture.

Of course, I understood, and acted accordingly. ‘Ohhh! Olatunde? Welcome to our home’, I greeted.
‘ You remember my friend in Chicago?’, Mom asked, ‘That’s her first son. He’ll be here for the summer’. She stated.

‘Like seriously? Mom! You mean this is Mrs Mary’s first son, Wow! Welcome Olatunde! But, I thought his name was Frank?’.

‘Yes, that’s his English name, but, I call him Olatunde’. ‘He will only be with us for a few weeks though, till his cousin, aunty Lolade comes back from her trip’.

My heart suddenly began to leap for joy! ‘Wow!’ I decided to greet him in a better manner, ‘Hello Olatunde, how are you?’ At least, he would only be staying here for a while, and that seems better to me.

‘Very well, thanks Susan!’ He said, smiling.

I scanned through his smiles, because I needed to know more about my new house mate. ‘He should be in his middle twenties’, I thought. And He seems like an introvert. He isn’t that bad after all, at least, he wouldn’t just come and take over my home.

Let me show you to your room, I volunteered…

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