Short Story

SYSTEM FAILURE by Godfrey Emeka

Written by Editor

Lying in bed restlessly, light begins to fade as I begin to see blur vision of a packed and dressed moveable object being moved from one place another, and at that point, I begin to hear disturbing noises as I find myself in a strange world. A bright day with cool weather, in a beautiful city called the city of the Queen, sitting at the train station waiting for the morning train to take me to my commitment.

I see a world where political office holders take responsibility, and become accountable to work, to people they are serving. No abandoned project but continuity, no negligence of duties, no obvious reason for extortion of public funds. I am in a society where dishonesty is a crime, a society where people embrace transparency with no hidden truth, a society where political office is not ‘a do or die’ affair.

Still on the same spot with fresh air changing my direction, I find myself in a beautiful city of idealists and rationalists that believe in opinion polls, and listen to the voice of the masses. Finding my feet in a society that believes that education is the only way out of ignorance, and citizens happiness become first priority, and a society that is strongly motivated to a great cause that is not misleading, no redundancy.

I traveled to numerous cities that have the same status quo, and everything is properly catered for; no excuse for failure to do right and undo wrong, although no absolute truth, but lie is never a priority but a scarce product. The common outcome is that the citizens drive joy in working, at a time of fellowship; they read and worship their maker. And to them, the only enemy they can have is the enemy among and within, which is more of self-made.

I slowly open my eyes as I smile my way into our reality, but only to wear a sad expression depicting my reality, and to remind myself that I am back to where ‘nothing works’ but lies. Haven’t arrived from a beautiful journey, I have a few questions to ask: why is our youth unemployed, why are our leaders not accountable and taking responsibility for their actions, why is this society’s future looks so dark, or is all this spiritual, or partially spiritual, or religion and religion differences are our problems?

Now I know that we have a common enemy which is the untold truth. We all have a common enemy, this enemy is generational curse, spiritual battle from spiritual forces. We have slept for decades and failed to familiarize ourselves from these enemies/problems. If this enemy/problem is as a result of system failure, what type of system is failing us? I leave the answer to you…

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