I GOT FORTIFIED By – Joseph M. T Musa Jr (Mtj)

Written by Editor

My hard work got me to the University,
Two years back I had a political dream,
I went to University with my dreams and sanity,
The brightest and most intelligent I was in all faculty,
I hope you’d learn from what you’d read.
On my quiet times, I reminisce the words my mother spoke to my ears.
Since I stepped on campus I made my political dreams clear among my pairs,
Then I glance around, and noticed all my friends had old bruises and scars.

Holding the lights of hope,
After our first semester exams,
Some thought I was a genius, saying “dis borbor gee we long rope”
I studied relentlessly, with an unreachable scope,
And still a pleasure of been hailed in my eyes,
Right across the campus my name was of no size,
Sensing respect, and getting recognition in all prize,
I took all the praises and knew I could do better.

Do you remember me? He asked, “I was offered an envelope with a letter in it”,
As I opened it with sweaty hands, I couldn’t breathe,
I saw coded languages, signs and punctuations written in the script,
Doubtful with a routine to follow,
On it was a signature so bright and narrow.
Why would a social group on campus want me be present in a night meeting?
As I dressed up, with long jacket on I kept thinking,
After all, Luke and Borrows are my colleagues so I kept believing.

A wonder without identity,
Singing coded songs in surviving melody,
My heart burst in a crowd of polluted madness,
As the nights grew old so they lost their consciousness,
In the silence was a heavy laughing voice,
With attempt they all laughed like a mocking-toys,
Their outlooks was normal but miserable,
But they said they all were noble.

Who is to say?
A strong gigantic fellow then appeared,
They all knelt with their hands on their chest,
I was in the middle of nowhere,
As I looked around I noticed Luke and Borrows were among the rest,
“Is it far? Or the time is near?”
The gigantic fellow called “CAPON” shouted, “you shouldn’t fear!”

Are their bloods warm or cold?
Look amongst them who seems to be bold,
I was chosen, my throat went dried my voice was stolen,
I knew this wasn’t ordinary,
While those who have put stamps on their personalities didn’t look worry,
I felt I was in a mess, and looked low upon my individuality,
They said it’s about maturity not intelligence,
That no soul born of a man that has the secret in his eyes will be shown Leniency.

Next morning, they came to my class and spoke words,
Words that broke away my fair,
Words that surpasses the lands and air,
Words my heart fell for,
Words I compared with my dreams,
Expressing everything I wish I’d become politically,
Started with a vibration of mind like a crevice,
My dreams started swaying apolitically.

Remembering I’ve seen through this kind of thing before,
I’m ready for the things that will occur,
I started getting my dose of reality,
Endangering myself and selling the almighty’s identity,
I’m uncomfortable feeling this frail,
“I’m going to be a man today”
My only consolation was knowing, my political audience will rise,
“we spoke coded and unreal languages more than twice”
Things like this doesn’t happen by chance.

No fortification will take place without its tools,
I said sorry sir, pardon my tolerance, “uhm is this a fortification or initiation?”
He said, “yes! It is an initiation for fortification, that you’d be reborn after purification, so your political audience will grow in addition, to subdue to your own constitution.
We drank bloods of different tastes,
This is a poetic story many a teenage male had faced.
And the reason why most destinies and dreams today are dazed,
Both my spiritual and educational life stood in one place.

That night, after the fortification, they gave me an orientation before my induction,
At that same night, I started speaking language of the unheard, I saw things of the unseen,
When I look back sometimes, I feel like crying but my tears are finished,
For the beautiful dreams which I once tarnished,
You know when you’re newly admitted into the University you can be easily intimidated,
I couldn’t hold my mind back, from fighting me for the doom I regretted,
I went to night parties every night and left my notes untouched,
Those who knew me well would tell you I fell.

To every rise, there are series of falls,
Never forget that God is your perfect anchor,
With him your ship can never capsize,
Now I bear the mark of success because I didn’t disembark,
Don’t be blinded by the perfection you see,
The innocence I feign,
The confidence I wear,
For it’s a life experience one has to bear.

About the author


Bada Yusuf Amoo holds B.A in Literature in English from Obafemi Awolowo University, he is the publisher of thespeakingheart.com. He started the website in 2015, he has published both his works and other budding writers and poets on the website. He is a public commentators and his articles are on different websites.