PRAY FOR ME By Afolabi Adebisi

Written by Editor

Life comes in shades of grey

Life, just as wave effects-in twists and turns

You can imagine a lot

But gunning goals demand more

I am Asabi, you can call me Iyunade

I love poetry, I love literary works

Yet, here am I, down the pit going deep to deep

Yet the bottom of the life’s journey is abstract

But, it’s better to try, I tell you than not giving a push

I need a favor, oh no! Not cash

Everyone wants that, but in the end, all they get is ashes and unrest

I need you to extend your hand to Olodumare

He who answers the prayers of the land

Lift your voices in unison as this season passes,

That I may be protected from every Lakunle that wishes to suck my juice with no price to pay

That I may be vindicated from the eyes of those who sabotage destinies

Pray that the land is healed of curses

Menaces, Issues that ordinarily would be a joke for the drunk man

You can imagine he who wants to liberate the land yet he is in chains

Pray that I might be healed from wounds that hurt to the marrow

Pray I remain focused in this generation of scopatumana

Pray I remain sane even when deadlines to submit, yet cramps are calling

Pray I talk about the things I shrug on, speaking until everyone realizes nobody

Pray youths to realize they are more, they can always do more, rightly

Pray my generation of vulgar music come to realize the damage they incur

Pray I am sane to write on insane matters

Pray I don’t get scared of burns when I walk in the furnace

Pray I get cash not unrest 

Pray, in unison that I don’t become the rebel I fight against.

About the author


Bada Yusuf Amoo holds B.A in Literature in English from Obafemi Awolowo University, he is the publisher of thespeakingheart.com. He started the website in 2015, he has published both his works and other budding writers and poets on the website. He is a public commentators and his articles are on different websites.