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“And if Nigerians have been accused of low productivity in the factory, no one can justifiably accuse them of low productivity in the bedroom” Ray Ekpu, march; 1988.
The productivity is a problem in Nigeria which must be looked into. As, Ekpu said Nigerians are very good at the productivity on bed. Many believe that having many children is the greatest thing that could happen to a man on earth. With this mindset they add their gear of production thereby having a lot of children that end up not being trained. These children loiter around the communities. Some are given off as maids to the hands of madams who maltreat them, some times kill them on the process. Some grow into monsters of night who torment the peace of people with guns.

It is the villagers. The arrow must be pointed at them. They give deaf ears to the implication of high production of children. Far back when polygamy was fully embraced by people, we believed that it is the cause of that. With the help of Christianity polygamy began to lose its wait. Today our mindsets have been configured into monogamy still the productivity rate keeps going high. Some villagers who are still buried in the mud of ignorance believe that having many children is better so that they can grow into great people like doctors, nurse, lawyer etc. Such men have forgotten that no child grows to a doctor without being trained. And that it will be hard for them to be trained considering their number.

A man has once said that it is good to have a lot of children. He believes that in world of children; the unseen world is too populated. And every child is longing to go to the earth. So it is a bad thing if you don’t give the children opportunity to see the world by having a low production of children. But I ask is it not better to have fewer children than the contrary without training them? Without creating a peaceful world for them to survive? Human beings are not animals. They shouldn’t be given birth and allowed to survive for themselves like rats. Parents should know that any child they bring on earth should be shown a path of survival by them.

Some parents suffer too much these days. They complain about their condition and blame God for not changing their condition without knowing that they created such hell for themselves. They say that marriage is not a bed of roses but it’s joy should encompass the sorrow side of it. When couple checkmate the rate of child bearing, thereby having fewer children, it helps to reduce the pains that would have been given birth in marriage if they produced many children. There is no way you will find it uneasy to train four children than ten children. Marriage must be made beautiful. And low productivity is one of step to be taken towards that.

Many have died because of conflict in homes. When couple give birth too many children, it becomes too hard to train the children even to feed them alone. This brings problem in the family as the man can’t provide for the family. Most time it results in the woman insulting the man which majorly ends up in great fight. Such fight inflicts a deep wound in the heart of the children. Continuity of this, introduce depression in the children as pains becomes unbearable for them. They begin to nurture the thought that there is no reason to exists in world full of sorrow. They configure their minds that death will put an end to their pains. And so they give in to suicide. Sometimes it is the parents who commit suicide because of pain raging from hardship they created for themselves from high productivity of children.
So, we must give much attention to production of children to have the ones we can train comfortably. Let’s not go about creating hell for ourselves and the children in the name of high productivity of children.

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