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You never know the value of what you have until you lose it. Classic story is how the 3 months long ASUU strike almost bored me out of my mind and how same old me wanted to run away from my life when school eventually RESUMED. It was constant cycle of unending studying leaving little or no time to stop breathes.

This year sure came with enough dose of emotional drama. There are days I’d just wanna go home and cry, days I’d just want to talk to mama and most of all days I peel away all covers and be bare before my Lord .Despite the numb days of looking and not seeing, touching and not feeling, surviving is all that really matters.

I’ve thought about death more often than I ever have, maybe because the reality is becoming more apparent by the day, or the news of the death of a friend which I still struggle with believing.

As the not -so -introverted introvert that I am, this year could be described as ‘Parte after Parte’. For someone who would guiltlessly choose sleep over an outing, I outdid myself this year. Went out more, cared less, and derived joy in little things.

A major highlight was the transition from lab-coats to ward-coats, from long hours of classes to unending ward-rounds, from struggling not to zone out in pathology class to catching up with surgery classes, from Robins and Cortran to Kumar and Clark. Alhamdulillah, for His love is always sufficient.

I may not have met new people this year but I am definitely not a member of the ‘scissors gang’. Keeping in touch isn’t exactly my forte but I make effort and I have genuine undiluted love for the people in my life and I’m thankful for having them.

Having this year flash before my eyes, I see a year of struggle,  sacrifices, disappointments, fulfillment, subtle excitement and  happiness all in the appropriate dose to still keep me alive today.

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