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RELIGION DRIPS BLOOD By Akande Shukurallilah

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Did our history begin with the curse of Cain? It is a gory tale of murder, assassination and torture in any event. So much blood has been spilled throughout history that the whole world could be painted red with it- with plenty to spare. When will man stop killing his fellow men?   When will his thirsty for blood ever be quenched?

Abel was the first man to be killed, by his brother, for no reason. The story of that murder has been persevered by the Quran and the Bible as a lesson to us all; it will remain as an example till the end of time.  Study history, and one thing becomes crystal clear, that man is an aggressive creature. His aggressiveness has been untamed by the growth of civilization.  Man is as cruel today as he was thousands of years ago. The story of his ruthlessness, his tyranny and his aggression is long and painful.  The fire of human aggression has not been quenched even after thousands of years of savagery.

Assassination of individual and the annihilation of whole group of people are repetitive theme of history. States have attacked States; countries have fought against their neighbours and against nations far from their borders. Hordes of people living in the steppes and desert conquered nations with ancient civilization; blood was she’d by Cesar and by Alexander; Baghdad was destroyed by Hulagu and Gengiz; the soil of Kurukshetra ran red with blood of Kauravas and Pandavas.

Sometimes blood was spilled in the name of honour, sometimes in the name of revenge for supposed. Sometimes angry hordes overran peaceful land in search of food, sometime in search of World domination. But more often the blood of man – created in God’s image- was shed in the name of his creator. Religion was used as an excuse for mass murder. Seeing this aspect of human nature makes one wonder if mankind is not the basset and most ruthless species on earth. One expects religion to teach man to be civilized, yet religion itself drops with blood.

If there are three things that are utmost significance to life and living since the beginning of time, there are peace, security and human development. The truism of this assertion cannot be denied though its primacy can be argued. Truly as Plato posted several centuries ago, the central needs of human beings are food, shelter, and clothing. In his word, the first and greatest of all necessities is food… The second is dwelling, and the third is clothing.

However, the situation may not be simple as Plato puts it, if one considers the dynamics of our World. You can imagine yourself getting ready to savour a delicious meal on your table and just as you wash your hands, there is a staccato of gunshots around you and bullets fly in various directions. Will you continue to eat?  Not likely, you will probably duck if you cannot run and you abandon your food, if you do not scatter it outright, until there is peace. You then realize that peace is more than food in context.

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