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In the year 2000, My Aunt eventually graduated from a University in Nigeria after passing a 3-unit course she failed 4 times because she denied her lecturer the opportunity to sleep with her.
My aunt uses the full hijab except that she doesn’t cover her face. If an Hijabite can be sexually harassed by those lecturers, is female dressing then the issue?

We have also heard of the case of one Miss Derin who lost her studentship in UNILAG just because she didn’t open her legs for that lecturer named FEMI OKE

The case of Professor Akindele Richard who requested for 5 rounds of sex from Miss Monica on a phone conversation in OAU also comes to mind. What about the bitter sexual assaults perpetrated by Dr Ekerikevwa A.K.A Sunnylove in UNIBEN and Mr. Otubu in Ambrose Alli University?

Now, we have the BBC video on sex-for-grade going viral. I also heard the lady working for BBC who exposed Dr Boniface Igbeneghu is a drop out of one university all because she refused to be a victim. What a life we live in!

During August 2019, in Saudi Arabia, 3 men were killed and hung in the public because they sexually harassed some young males and females and raped one. Read full details here

Death should be the reward of every rapist! More than 56 countries in the world practice the death penalty on rape cases.
If one lecturer or employer is killed humiliatingly in the public for sexual assault or rape, every other prospective rapist will think deeply. The federal Government should constitute a death penalty for rapist of any caliber and let’s see how many case of rape or sexual assaults we will have in the next 20 years.

Sexual assault is only a chapter in the book of atrocities every student read in the higher institution.

Should we open the chapter of those lecturers that fail students because the students refuse to convert into the lecturer’s religion?
Or the chapter of those lecturers that fail students because the students are ‘proud’?

One of the major reasons for these atrocities are rampant is because of the deteriorated educational system in Nigeria which projects Lecturers to the throne of a semi-god in their vicinity!

A Lecturer will tell you boldly that you can’t score an A in his course even though you become Albert Einstein. Lecturers will even go as far as reducing your score from 80A to 68B all in the name of Streamlining of results.

Students are just like fried chicken in the hands of their lecturers, they eat them at will, especially the students with “pleasure hole and pointed pomegranates”

When this lecturers go to foreign universities abroad as visiting professors or scientists, none of them has the might to outrageously touch any student but they come home here in Nigeria where they go squat-free from any crime they commit.

If death is yet to be the reward of those awful rapist lecturers, *’Cold rooms where everything goes south’* will continue to be an everyday business.

Only death can be a sufficient justice. Not even life imprisonment but death only!

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