SEDUCED By Paul Abah

Written by Editor


Powers from the heavens

Given by providence

Bestowed on a male

Like the force of a gale

A man pure in innocence

Engulfed in all sense

By divine power

From a high tower

Higher than the heavens

On a lone male

For a divine tale to tell

From coast to coast

From state to state

From region to region

From the rising sun

To the break of dawn

To say the word

Immersed in his ‘blood’

Me thought he might break up one day

Or end up in a hospital after bodily sway

But for his grace

To counter all the stress

Many couldn’t describe it

But all could feel it

Pure and undiluted

Into his bowels it fed

His anointing


Revolving all around him

Healing infirmities from its steam

His anointing


Tearing hearts open

Like an oven

To hear a message

Like one from a sage

Called the gospel

This in their hearts became so real

Transformed from sinners

To become worthy saints

In his speech

Hearing it could make your car screech

In his speech

Overflowing with divine wisdom

You would want to teach

Till you entered the kingdom

His wish

For all men

That they’ll be freed from the leash

That bound them in sin

His attitude

Like the biblical beatitude

His association

Like pure fiction

His anger

Like a short whisper

His prayer

Like forever

Biblical indulgence

With all indulgence

Feminine desire

He would never require

But the end justifies the means

The consequence of a few sins

Then it soon happened

Something that made all hearts saddened

A feminine figure

With mysterious allure

Almost six feet tall

And endowed with ‘all’

A skin like carob

That would appease a mob

A voice like the wind

To a broken heart mend

Hair like coal

Smoother than a China bowl

Eyes like an eagle

Focused on the ‘kill’

Toward the male

With power like gale

Sade was her name

Seduction was her fame

That moment

After which was ‘torment’

You thought the sex was ordinary

Like an Asian wearing sari

But after her ‘success’

Which was strictly for gospel preachers

Such a victim could never recover

In emotional oblivion he’ll suffer

Losing all anointing

And subsequently living for nothing

That divine power

Now an empty tower

Previously immersed in his blood

Presently like a piece of crud

All these constituted the fate

To any who gave in to her lust

Everyone had cause to believe

That God in heaven would always forgive

Any form of transgression

By the mere act of forgiveness praying

But after you fornicated

From heavens grace you’ll be rusticated…

Our ‘lady’ was always brief

Though nothing could make her grief

One slight touch

Could make  any male blush

But hers was farther

Barely quarter of a century old

A mysterious lineage never told

All she longed for

Was with a preacher to copulate

After which such preacher ended up worse than a schmo

Never again to be resurgent

After a breakfast prayer meeting

To the sick our anointed friend was attending

Soon it became our lady’s turn

This assignment to her a new dawn

Asked of her infirmity

She replied: “slight insanity”

If only he had special foresight

To look away from her camisole so tight

“I desire your prayers so much…

…And your anointed touch”

He never thought of her impervious

As she got down on her knees

“Let us pray”

She smiled and chuckled

As she remembered the lone red ray

In the coven on human blood about to feed

There t’would have been: ‘let us prey’

Three weeks after the prayer

She desperately longed for another

As she chose a flora printed gown

One which had never been spotted in the whole town

“I desire your prayers urgently”

She began slyly

His right hand placed on her head

Before he could begin he was soon stopped

He never thought of an impending doom

As his eyes shifted to her bazoom

He asked her what it was

Cancer, of the breast

His mind quickly snapped

As he imagined her a naiad

He reached for a small bottle

Containing anointing oil

“You’ll rub that on my breast”

She whispered in a voice full of lust

“I’ll let some drop on the affected breast”

Finally she thought He had failed the ‘test’

Two months later she resurfaced again

In the waiting room she sat

Three hours didn’t make her body strain

Soon inside his office she seemed reticent

Looking at the inscription

On her white shirt

Very bright like neon

SEDUCED was inscribed in violet

“I hope you’re okay?”

“I need your prayers desperately”

He was uncomfortable with her stay

As she spoke tearfully

He soon stood up

As he adjusted her top

He wanted to hurry up

And thoughts about her came to a stop

“In Jesus name…”

Passion heated up in her like a flame

Without any warning

And the passion still burning

She quickly removed her shirt

And gabbed his waist

Both fell flat on the floor

As she quickly took off her skirt_

And forced him deep into her ‘door’

He was about to say something

Maybe about the feeling

When he soon woke up

He’d been having a nightmare

The sweat on his body he began to mop

As he began to stare

Half an hour later

He felt much better

After all that prayer

To have such experience again…never

Soon getting prepared for church

His groin he had to touch

In a dream he had been seduced

But he was ultimately thankful to God

For diverting such sod

The warning from the nightmare he clearly deduced

In realty to avoid being seduced

About the author


Bada Yusuf Amoo holds B.A in Literature in English from Obafemi Awolowo University, he is the publisher of thespeakingheart.com. He started the website in 2015, he has published both his works and other budding writers and poets on the website. He is a public commentators and his articles are on different websites.