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“Women inspire us to great things and prevent us from achieving them”

                                                                                       – Mike Tyson

A great destiny

In a great entity

Lack of a uniform description

For the second human being

His endowments inexplicable

Life without a partner impossible

As directed by providence

In the first residence

Had he known

The second human being

Would to ‘ruin’ bring him

And his future to be made dim

A second thought

He would have brought

While he communed

With almighty God

The second human being

From bringing

To be the bone of his bones

Creating all that stress

And to be the flesh of his flesh

Such memory now fit for the trash

In an ark of bulrushes

Watched secretly from the bushes

Floating gently to the maidens

On service for the Egyptian princess

Who heard loud cries

Cries from a babe of the Hebrews

A timely advice

To fetch a nurse

In his sister’s wisdom

Whose name was Miriam

Years later

It didn’t get better

She was twelve years older

And he stammers

When it happened

The people least expected

Straining every tissue

Emphasising with disgust

On her brother’s life mate

The woman an Ethiopian

That became the bone of contention

Was too him dearer

Or even fairer

Was now the reason

His elder sister went ranting

Silent and watching

God in heaven

Then sent him a question

Directed to the Amazon

Unanswered by she

And soon covered by leprosy

In the land of Zorah

Lived a man named Manoah

Soon to have a son

From a wife yet barren

From birth to death

To be a Nazarite

With immense strength

To ensure the people’s rest

Such divine order

Made his parents shiver

For his hair never to be cut

Until that woman he sought

In Sorek he saw her

Her name was Delilah

The beginning of his end

Not by enticing him to bed

But by knowing his strength’s source

And make him like cess

Mocked by him thrice

Into telling her lies

But the power of Dagon maybe

His agonizing end would be

Eyes plucked out

Body standing stout

Eye sockets to the sky

One last prayer he had to try

All those men finally killed

And God in heaven not slightly thrilled

The last of seven sons

Anointed for a great purpose

Fearless in nature

Bravery as a virtue

Fearless before a hungry lion

Bravery in killing a Philistine

A king dead in battle

Led him to mount the saddle

Forty years on the throne

None had ever shone

But on that fateful day

When he decided to stay

While his men away in battle

He on a rooftop to settle

A lady having her bath

Soon caught his eyesight

A slight inquiry

Soon led to adultery

The army general

A task so fatal

All for Bathsheba

And now Uriah

To die on the battlefield

And make his dearest bereaved

All because of lust

And a fatal arrow shot_ _

Of all men the greatest

In all of the east

Upon Satan’s request

The Almighty permitted a test

And so it began

For the upright man

Death to his three daughters

A result of the wind’s curse

Undaunted in his faith

Resolute in his trust

To sin he never thought

While his skin gradually rot

Curse God and die –

A thing he would never try

The least expected of counsels

From a woman older than the damsels

Giving a scornful look

Followed by a timely rebuke

God in heaven fully satisfied

His servant duly tested

Those daughters of Eve

Upon a man they desire to cleave

With braided hair

They made all men stare

With gold and pearls

Hearts dead and powerless

Inexplicable distraction

In the mouth of a strange woman

A very deep and narrow pit

Once fallen, couldn’t come out of it

The face

Without a sinful trace

The lips

A major cause of sinful deeds

And in flattering with her words

She soon renders a man as moss

He used to love the Lord

Like his father formerly did

Until another love soon developed

The love for God stopped

With seven hundred wives

To satisfy his lustful desires

And three hundred concubines

To make him happy in his eyes

Unpleasant in the eyes of the Almighty

A worthy son sadly become naughty

God formerly in his heart

But distraction now in his sight

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Bada Yusuf Amoo holds B.A in Literature in English from Obafemi Awolowo University, he is the publisher of thespeakingheart.com. He started the website in 2015, he has published both his works and other budding writers and poets on the website. He is a public commentators and his articles are on different websites.