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THE LIGHT (NURIYAH) By Adesunwon HBA letter from Adeduntan to Nuriyahy
As cool as the dawn dayPacific of lovely waysEcclesiastes purity and waysMake my return to her.
Waking between the aisle of love, Alas! We found our love. Only if she could surf, Looking at my heart in love.
Light with it deceptions. Though darkness was never trustworthy; But shall I compare the sincerity of thy heart, Which pave the way in my light.
Even if I’m writing till dusk, Yet filled all pages with rose and joy; None could be complementing your love, Inner beauty beyond word.
Though we are miles apartBut my ying is within your yang. Enclosed with your beautiful smile, Whose head lied on my lap.
Nuriyah! Indeed a light, Which my sister must witness, While her beauty grown with love, And her cologne with my joy.


#African Poetry


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