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THE SCIENCE OF HAPPINESS By Nasir Taofeeqat Temitope

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Have you ever wondered, why many arrives at the acme of their so called dreams yet end up melancholic, suicidal and not satisfied?
For me, I reasoned, it’s because their plan only connotes “that” which is highly associated to physical pleasure and not the innate attestations. Most likely, their plan was too materialized than reasoned. And as socially proven, material things especially “money” lessens the burden mind however doesn’t give eternal pleasure.

A lot of people do not understand the fact that, one cannot plan for happiness, rather one can only live for it. Because, planning for happiness is as good as not planning to be happy. Happiness isn’t a touch of physical things which can be touched, rather, it is an abstract invention that blossoms only when given the chance.
Most importantly, like a programmed machine, the human mind only runs at the velocity at which it is tuned.

The science of happiness is not all about having a unique mode of expression or approach towards the delicacies of circumstances at all times. Instead, It is rightly associated with a healthy state of mind.
An healthy state of mind which adopt the ability to accept situations, circumstances, uninitiated development etc as they occur; without necessarily holding on to the possible negative experience they likely may come with has proven to grow beyond the unsatisfactory tendencies.

Pessimism is but a direct opposite of optimism, however both are intricate garment of existence.
One can not live without been bitten by sadness, but one can learn to live through it by leaving the past behind in the present.

According to Rumi, “It is good to leave each day behind, like flowing water, free of sadness. Yesterday is gone and its tale told. Today new seeds are growing.”
This is to explain that, being affected positively or negatively in life is natural and quite unavoidable, but being positive about everything is the most healthy reaction one can possibly inhibit at all times.

The human social convention had witnessed the suicidal shock of high profiled celebrities, workers, speakers etc to mention but a few. Of which ends results is related to depression, schizophrenia and unsettled mind.
The settle mind is the shrine of success. Don’t ever let anything or anyone becloud the foreground of your reasoning and if such is to happen, learn to unleash the band of acceptance towards it all. Submit to the fact that, “you are an entity and pleasure is only attached to that which you desire it to.” Happiness is free but very costly to the crowded mind. Do meditation, yoga, humanitarian service, Open up to situations, do not attach your resources of happiness to luxuries alone and you. Be free.

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