SUSAN DIARY (Unveiled) By Ajayi Abiola

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‘Olaaatunde, You’re so hilarious! In fact, your sense of humour is not from here’, I said, as we both bursted into laughter. I never imagined that Tunde and I would become such close pals. But then, Tunde has an awesome personality. He seems to know something about everything. His presence in the house has helped me reduce boredom. I seem happier since he came too.

‘Do you think this movie will end well? ‘ He asked as we sat watching our favorite soap opera and munching the crunchy chin chin I had made earlier. I made the chin chin because he challenged me to it. I had told him I wanted home made chin chin and his reply didn’t go down well with me. ‘ You think I don’t know how to make small chops?’ I had retorted.
‘Well, let’s see what you’ve got’ he had said teasingly. I didn’t take that as a tease, I wanted to prove him wrong. And that’s just what I’ve done, because he has been munching the chin chin like it was made in heaven.

‘Please, pause the movie, I don’t want to miss any scene’, I requested as I stood up to get us more chin chin from the kitchen. He paused and picked up his phone to receive a call. As I came out of the kitchen, I noticed he was blushing. Tunde always blushed whenever he’s on a call with this particular person. I wanted to ask him several times, but I kept my cool. I didn’t want to be too forward.
‘Have I told you about my girlfriend?’ He asked, still blushing.
‘Girlfriend? No! you haven’t’
‘You mean, I didn’t inform you? it must have skipped my mind’ He said, sounding apologetic, and at the same time, grinning.

‘Let me call her back so you can speak with her’, he said dialing her number in excitement. ‘What do you think about her?’ he asked after I had dropped the call.
‘she’s lovely, and she’ll make a good wife!’ I answered.
‘And me?’ he asked. ‘You’ll make a lovely big brother. The one mom never gave me. I replied as we both laughed heartily.
‘Let’s go for a walk’, he offered.
‘Alright’, I said as I turned off the TV. ‘I also plan to get some groceries at the super market’, I added.

‘You really seem to love this lady’, I asked as we stepped out of the building. ‘Susan, Diane is a lovely lady and I love her so much. In fact, I plan to propose to her very soon’. He said elatedly.
‘Oh really? That’s lovely! It’s really good to find love. Errm, I have a question. How do you know when you meet the special one?’. I asked
‘Hmmmn, that’s a tricky question. There is really no special one’, he replied. ‘But, it’s just about patiently checking for compatibility in faith, interests, goals, and aspirations. There’s this peace of mind you experience too. You get?’ He inquired.
‘Yea…I get, thanks Tunde’. I replied.

Of course, I wasn’t sure I understood his explanation, but I was wowed by his sense of maturity. ‘Tunde is a blessing in disguise’, I thought silently. In fact, I should learn never to judge a book by it’s cover…

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