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I am fortunate not to be among the people who see pastors or clerics as super human beings as I strongly believe that every human being is a spiritual person. All spirits (whether evil spirits or holy spirits) are the products of God’s concepts of oppositeness and magical creations. It just depends on the type of spirit you are communing with. This is where the dynamics of choice comes in. In my own universe of thinking and constructions, spirituality is considered as a private entity and one that is strictly personal – once it is not posing any danger or harm to another person; and this is one of the reasons why I refuse to be dragged into the cult of those who see clerics as super human beings.

Away from that, humanity is fast becoming a system of accusation and counter accusation and this leaves me with the choice of believing that human beings are indeed a cosmic accident. The questions of inferiority complex, African systemic ordinances, and Afro-cultural constructions have made the African women to see themselves as endangered species and there is no song that is as sad as the song of a second fiddle. However, in a sharp interference to the close narrative of Timi Dakolo’s wife, I must admit that rape is one of the offsprings of man inhumanity to man; a callous engagement and unpardonable offence. Such unbecoming behaviour restates the fact that there is animal in man.
Recent events have shown that men are more victims of rape than women but the society usually dismiss the rape narratives of men and reduce it to a mere fictional and comical narrative.But when a woman falls victim of rape, the whole planet would be on fire and the polity would be heated with all sorts of vituperative and protests. This is not only unfair, hypocritical, wicked and uncharitable but it is also the huge burden and grave injuries the African men are carrying in their hearts and that is why it is safe to conclude that that inhuman gesture is one of the offsprings of man inhumanity to man.

More so, the fake heroism that comes with rape allegation now makes rape allegations to be rampant. The society now sees any woman who comes out to say that she was raped as an iconic character, a hero (ine) and as the voice of the voiceless. The desire to be seen as a hero or heroine now makes some women to fake rape or turn a mutual or consensual sexual intimacy to rape. Some go as far as using it to blackmail and exploit their counterparts. This development makes it difficult to easily believe any rape allegation and that is why the truism of any rape allegation has to be established beyond reasonable doubt.

The narrative of Busola Dakolo is another rape allegation that has generated social hypocrisy and social opprobrium. If it is true that she was raped then crying out is not enough.They are just accusing without taking any meaningful action. Which means crying out is not enough. Actions should also be taken within the confines of the law. The Nigerian Judiciary is not as bad as it is being portrayed. If she fails to take a legal action then it means she is just interested in defaming the man and entertaining the public with her narrative. On the planned protest to COZA church, such a protest would only turn to a mere emotional outing and one that would overheat the polity.

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