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The passion that comes with my feelings for you
The fullness and abundance of your love in my heart
That amazing imaginations of you in my head
The unexplainable atmospheric condition
That surfaces at the announcement of your presence
The mystery of my love for you
The sweetness of your voice
The magnetic attraction of your light skin
The awesomeness of your smile
And laughter that I can’t explain
I don’t know how I am feeling
And I can’t explain how I am doing
All I know is that…
What I am feeling for you is BEYOND ME

About the author


Bada Yusuf Amoo holds B.A in Literature in English from Obafemi Awolowo University, he is the publisher of thespeakingheart.com. He started the website in 2015, he has published both his works and other budding writers and poets on the website. He is a public commentators and his articles are on different websites.