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Back then in 2014 during my Polytechnic days, I had one man in the village asked me this question:
“How many of the sons and daughters born by your father are in Abroad. How many of them are graduates by the way? Do you have a Doctor, lawyer, Teacher, or anything in your family?”
I picked and saved this statement in my heart. I told myself that I would write about it maybe when I travel to overseas or maybe when I’m still in Nigeria here. I vowed to write about these things. Perhaps, the man in question will end up reading it or not. But I have it in mind that I must let some people know that going to overseas or Abroad does not automatically make you rich or wealthy, staying in Nigeria also does not give you this success automatically; you have to work for it anywhere. There are people in Europe, America, Asia that those in Nigeria are better than.

So many people go abroad for one reason or the other. The reasons or the opportunities that took Emenike abroad may be different from yours. He might have better opportunities than you. Life, I understand are of chances. It is made of choices. Some people will choose to go abroad to suffer than staying in their country home even if the suffering is of the same level. I have heard so many stories of Nigerians who went abroad and was taken as refugee in a refugee camp. They were taken care of till a certain period. I have heard several stories of those who were gunned down by the laws of the country. I have heard of many who went abroad to wash plate, some are in the mortuary taking care of Corpses. Some are roaming the streets of Europe and America. Perhaps, before you could think of leaving Nigeria to another country for school, jobs or what have you, you should be able to plan yourself very well.

There are some people over there whose lives are miserable. There those out there in some of these European countries that those in Nigeria are better off. Not everybody that Abroad would favour. Not everybody would go to London, USA, Ghana, Australia, Canada or Malaysia and make it. there are people in Nigeria that made it bigger than those people that spent all their life savings to travel abroad. I hate it when parents compare their children with Emeka that travelled to Malaysia. I hate it when mothers and fathers accused their children of wasting away while Chidi and Femi are in USA sending Money to their Parents.

I heard a mother one day spitting fire on her daughter. She told her that Patience has
gone to Italy and she had being sending money to her parents from Italy. She even pointed to her Daughter the house that Patience built for her people. The girl started crying. She shamed the girl publicly. She made her daughter a laughing stock.

She never asked herself what Patience is actually doing in Italy. She don’t know if Patience is a runs girl over there or she is into “Drug tracking or not. All she cares to know was that Patience was sending money to her parents from Italy. And Patience has built houses for her parents. Patience mother and father are riding the latest cars. This is the mistake some of our parents make. Stop comparing your daughters or sons with those people that went to abroad for greener pasture. They are not better than your children. Some of them are drug dealers, some are human traffickers, some are in fraud, and some are into many things which are not what you’ll dream of your sons and daughters to do. Why push him or her into the dungeon to be devoured by the demons?
However, I have sworn to deal with any old man and woman from my village or anywhere who ever will open his mouth to compare me with my mates in Abroad. These days, it has become a norm to qualify a rich family in our villages with their sons and daughters who are in Abroad. It was children during the days of my father that was why my father had many wives who birthed him many children. Then, it was believed that these children helped their parents in farm during planting. So therefore, the more children you have as a farmer, the more land you cultivate during planting season. Nowadays, we have old men and women, young men and women, boys and girls in the village qualifying a rich and wealthy family through many children they have abroad and how many graduates are there in the family.

Believe me, every one mustn’t go to London or Russia. If have your way go, but if you don’t have your way stay. me personally, I prefer to stay back in a country where I will have my freedom to do whatsoever I like than going to another land where my freedom is limited. I prefer staying in my home country where I will have peace of mind than going to London where Tax and being black would make me a less human than others. We can’t continue running. This is our home and we must be the one to build this home. This is our land no matter how rotten it is.

One of my friend who travelled to China once told me that it is not easy in China. The language barrier, the cold and many other things is really affecting him and aside that; he has not settled down as a human being. This guy I’m talking about spent two million naira to process his papers from Nigeria to China. The last time we spoke, he told me in tears that in China, once a any black man commit any offense other blacks would be on the run. If the case last for two weeks or one month, other black men would still be their hiding place until the case is resolved.

I have another one who stays in London. He told me that life there for him is miserable. He said he could have stay back in Nigeria. He regretted moving out of Nigeria to London without making the necessary plans he ought to have made. Don’t allow anyone to push you or deceive you, no matter how this country is; I think it is better than a place where your freedom of movement is somehow restricted.
I know we don’t have light here but they do. I know things or standard of living may be high over here but theirs are little fairer. This is our home and we can’t run away from it. if you see the opportunity of going out, prepare yourself very well. Make the necessary plans on how you can be of help to yourself over there. Don’t just move because Nduka asked you to come over.
Someone once told me that when one of his friend invited him to Spain. He was excited to leave Nigeria to Spain. This man promised him heaven and earth whenever he gets to Spain. He promised him Jobs, Accommodation and many other things when he gets to Spain. My brother packed all the necessary things he needed and travelled to Spain. He said on getting to Spain, the number of this man went dead. He didn’t see him in the Airport to pick him as both of them have agreed. He was stranded in the Airport. What he did was to book for a cheaper hotel in Spain and lodged. One week turned to two weeks to three weeks and to a month and he could not find a trace of this his friend. He gave up looking for him. He became miscreant in the streets of Spain. He did many menial jobs just to survive. At the end of the day, his luck caught up with him and he was deported back to Nigeria after many escapes. He said he was grateful that he came back to Nigeria than staying there. To some, it could have been a different story.

I had another story of one man who left my village, Nkporo and went to Scotland. He spent 20 years in Scotland and came back with nothing. Many of his mates in Nigeria were far better than him. he died of depression many months later. I was told that he sold many of his father’s lands to travel to Scotland when many of his friends were traveling there. Abroad shouldn’t be a do or die affairs. Abroad shouldn’t be where someone will brainwash you to go without your own necessary plans.
One of my neighbours sold most of his wares to then his apprentice. He was selling palm oil in drums at Ikotun Market. He had close to four shops and warehouses where his depots were. He was doing fine, business was moving very well. However, He wanted to change business because a friend who stayed in China told him that he can come down to China with the money he had and start importing cars and other commodities. He sold everything he had then to his Apprentice and moved to China. Fast forward to five years later, the business wasn’t moving for him. he left China back to Nigeria and discovered that that his Apprentice he sold all his goods and four shops and warehouses to has become a bigger boy and he was broke. He became poor and did not know what else to do with his life. He started serving his former boy just for him to feed himself and his immediate family.

Please don’t let anyone teach you what to do, not everyone who travels abroad make it big. All fingers are not the same as destiny differs.

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