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Now I dont want you to dance to my drumming as a warlord to the deep bèmbè drums, its legs twitching haphazardly, at loggerheads with the drum, friends in harmony with joy and laughter that your audience will ring your brows with coins and pave your path with clothing; that men may prostrate before you and women curtsey in sheer pleasure at your dancing.
A bird like okin is rare among birds. The okin is more beautiful than them all. The egret has a flourish of black like the sparrow, it has red spots like woodcock, and it has white quills like ologose. The dove cannot perch where okin perches and the oriri dare not chirrup in the presence of okin. Alapandede and parrot, Ibaaka and Ega, the cattle egret and the patridge, odere koko and Asere all these birds will hurtle together wherever okin perches. It is greater than them all. It is more prosperous than them and it is found with prosperous persons in prosperous homes.
T.B., you are my Okin. Just like peacock in its regular habit, magnificent and impressive with proper amount of self respect. He has never been shy in displaying it plumage as it fans its tails to passersby and other birds. It is this ostentatious display that people describe as Arrogance. It is never in anyway hauteur but self respect.
The Black-throated Coucal has already called and the hooing had died away, the dove has equally called, so also are the Ground Hornbill and the blue Woodcock. Each of them fell impenetrably silent wherever their maker had assigned them. Only we, his lovers are yet to eye. We dance and rejoice ceaselessly, hither and thither, restless as floating leaves on water surface, hopping from tree to tree and chirping like chickens.
TEMITOPE, you are the only protecting wall of END TIME MIRACLE, fellas, the only one that has dominion over DELIVERANCE CHURCH OF GOD, the mighty wind that raze mighty oak tree to the ground, terror to tyrants. Your hotness is capable of melting a bottle, and your coldness is able to freeze river, the tough leather that worries cobbler. Whoever serves your pounded yam in a small bowl, is only postponing his day of perishing.
The knowledge of cooking does not come pre- installed a Virginia, but the wisdom and knowledge are also innate, He is small in size but mighty in influencing people soul to highest peak of honour, a man of his own words. The single story, when we realize that there is never a single story about any place; we regain a kind of paradise.
Meet a man that smashed and broke the cycle of tyrant with potential to right the wrong, the tyrants continue to reign because they cannot resist. Do you not see that it is a cycle? T B waking from another planet is indeed a much blessing to all and sundry.
So at peace, and I wondered how anybody around me could feel that way when liquid fire was ranging inside me, when fear was mingling with hope and clutching itself around my ankles. Beyond any peradventure of doubt, he is a good man, the man that lives with Grace of God and nothing more. Your good attributes beyond what my pen can narrate in just little time.
Smiling! I know nothing about the mother of the gorilla, but I can tell you beautiful verses about the unfathomable Granite, the person that must be obeyed. Like a tortoise— demands absolutes, the lion himself, prowling, unrushed in the deep mysteries of night. To hear you, is only the beginning; responding to you in person, a prudent reaction; impish prophet, gobbler of head, the sole husband of OLUWATOSIN. He has never lacked money to candle, the bulwark of the army’s attack-power. Husband -in-chief amongst husband; take away your grit, and battle dulls down. The okro stiffens with age; the garden egg toughens as it ripens.
A trap stiffens in tension to kill rat, hook and line tense tautly to catch a fish. Also, a mountain, stiffly erect above ground, a towering masquerade, a frozen grin on his face, a ram in a grim duel, the neck stiffening before a brutal butt, a high wall, daring a fall; tall millet stalk peering into the eyes if the farmer himself.
A goal gotten boss, lion spiritualist, the psychedelic , Just like ALAIN ADEYEMI LAMIDI the owner of the hen does not dash him a hen, he does not buy it, interestingly, he is taking a good care of hen owner. If I go on citing his attributes in this piece, I will not stop writing and composing. And by the time I feel like hang the pen; I will be left with only janitor waiting to lock the door.



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