Short Story

AREKU: THE GREAT DANCER By Akande Shukranillah

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There was this dancing competition, but Areku friends noted that Areku did not participated. They urged him to take part in the ongoing dancing competition. He “Areku” explained that, he had no shoes. So his friends got him shoes. Gracefully, Areku started to dance and he was about to excel in the competition. Suddenly his friends became a nuisance, they nagged him because of the shoes the gave him, they criticized his dancing style. Hence Areku returned their shoes and he started singing ” if the shoes became a hindrance then off with it. He resumed his dancing and danced very well just like a bee, but stone hurts his bare feet. Genuine people gave him different shoes and danced very well and won the competition. (EXTRACTED FROM AGOGO EWO BY TUNDE KILANI)

Therein in the story so many lessons to learn,but basically, it all premised knowing true friends from fake one e t c.

Be watchful , those who invited thieves to come and steal, are the same people Summoned the farm owner to come and raid the farm. They made the power of invisibility for a cockroach and also prepared the power of seeing clearly for hen.


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