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ALL MEN ARE SCUM? By Ummuh Amaanah

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Ade and I started dating in 2008. Unlike many relationships that went on back in the day, ours was a relationship of oil on water. Just like yesterday, I remember how it began. I met him during our fresher’s orientation. He initiated the conversation and ended up collecting my digits. Till today, I still don’t know what prompted me to invite him over to my hostel. But one thing is certain, Ade also felt the chemistry, the unexpected electric shock of sexuality that surge through my body when I accidentally brushed up against his arms. That feeling was so elusive, so difficult to define by words. That moment, our bodies understood something before our brains did because we did not just had a kiss, the kissing turned into touching, and the touching turned into almost devouring our bodies. If not for my mother’s voice that kept coming into my head, we would have definitely had sex.

Being from a religiously strict family, I would not want to disappoint my parents as their only daughter. Fortunately for me, Ade understood and promised to keep it safe until our marriage night.  Setting our feelings in motion, our love continued, it felt real. It was all that fairy tale portrayed it as. We would sit together and listen to our favorite songs while cuddling. I never had to eat because I was always filled with joy.

Ade would kiss my neck and whisper the most beautiful things into my ears. Ade would sing me songs with the mist soothing voice. Ade was in love with me, he was the only explanation that made sense to me. Until this moment, I’m still infuriated that we didn’t win the Guinness World Record for being the happiest partner in existence. We were inseparable. I could feel the envious eyes that rolled at us with jealousy. I could feel flowing joy within my blood.

Extremely unexpected, Ade got influenced by his peers. Ade would not attend lectures as schedule and get drunk at night. He would reek of alcohol and deny it all. Ade started womanizing, not only would he deny it, he would accuse my friends of gossiping, saying they poke nose into our affairs. Ade grades started falling, from 4.3 to 2.5. I cried out, what else could I do but Ade called it nagging. He named me a nagging girlfriend. It didn’t feel okay. He no longer call daily, everything changed, even the way he looks at me that even if the whole world crumble, he wouldn’t blink. Then when I threatened to break up with him, he pleaded and promised to change. Somehow, I still don’t know how it happened but Ade and I had sex. I cried all night worried I had broken my promises to myself and my parents, asking my God for forgiveness while Ade slept disgustingly beside me. No, it was not Ade’s fault, I gave in, I thought probably if I give him what other bitches give him, he would change permanently. But No! Ade didn’t. He didn’t change, in fact he became worse. Ade became a beast but I endured it all. I endured it because I hoped it would end someday. Not just because I loved Ade too much, but because I wanted to, at least get married to the man that deflowered me. I hoped till yesterday that Ade would love me again. I hoped he would come to his senses and we would be happy again. I hoped till I could hope no more.

Today, right in the middle of our favorite spot, stinking of alcohol, Ade told me he is sorry and kept on apologizing for getting another girl pregnant. As I looked away, my eyes filled with tears, deep in thought, I concluded that all men may not be scum, but Ade most definitely is.

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