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DEPRESSION By Chaste Sriya Barman

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People thinks depression is for those who are weak. No, absolutely not. It is something that can happen to anyone. You, me, or anyone close to you or even unknown. It’s something that only the person who goes through it can understand. So, instead of blaming the person who is depressed, try to help them out.
I am not telling to give your sympathy to them or look down at them. They are humans too. They were as same as you until such thing happened in their lives. Something so terrible that changed them from a happy person to a depressed soul. Don’t laugh at them cause’ they are not jokers who are faking to entertain you all. They are the most sensitive people of this world and most selfless people who only (mostly) care for others. And all they ever wanted is to live like you and nothing else. They didn’t choose to be depressed because they never love the situation or wished to be betrayed by everyone who knows them.
All they need is a listener. No, not a judgemental friend, to give advices and troll them as pessimists. Who isn’t a pessimist afterall? Everyone is. Everyone, at least once in their life had been through negative thinking. Even the most positive people became pessimist some time or the other. Its the truth. Better we accept it.
Also, people are different. Their struggles are different. So how can you even know what the other person is going through without being in that person’s position? You probably can’t. So, instead of laughing at others just try to be a little understanding. All the very least don’t show your back when the depressed wanna share something. ‘Cause that thing can be so deadly that it can become a pathogen corroding the insides of the depressed person if not shared with anybody else.
I know people don’t have time for others but, at least you can spare a moment for your so called buddy and listen to his/her story. That can be of a great relief.
Even if you can’t do anything the best thing you can do is to show that you care. You care for the existence of the person. At least, it won’t be that difficult for the depressed person to face the reality that in this world of 7 billion people there is nobody who cares that he/she exists.

#On behalf of all the depressed souls out there.
P.S: I actually wrote it when #Chester left us, but few days ago #Jonghyun also fell into the same trap of depression. And almost everyday, hundreds of people end their lives just because of the former reason.

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