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ON SUICIDE By Chukwu Ephraim Nonso

Written by Editor

I might not have lived in a tight and gagging shoes as yours, who knows if I would have committed SUICIDE?

Sincerely, I do not know, the dearest of men that crowds me each day are probably not going to know too.

I’d have done the wailing, the comforting and the controlling in the closet. It would have been just me deliberating on what way to relieve myself from the loom. Hence, you’d have my hearse to bury.

Well, I’m here and you’re reading this because you’ve controlled yourself aright. You’ve chose the best of alternatives to stay and put things upright. To fill the loopholes, to turn the winner others don’t see in you, to be the leader others never saw in you, to reinstate yourself in the world of less positivity, if at all it is equal to one-third. You’re alive to make an amazing change.

You’ve made a great decision. A wonderful choice.

Suicide isn’t no doorway to escape from the surge and crumbles of failure. It’s no pathway either.

You would have brought strain of filth in our heart, you’d have made us wept and spat to the ground, you’d have brought disarray to our bond. You’d have brought bunch of disorderliness we cannot control.

In my case, the injuries will strike an indelible taunting mark in the heart of my loved ones, the ones I know and those I don’t.

Do not think no one values your craft. Do not think you’re never loved. Do not think hope shattered, are entirely shattered. Do not think the rough ways have no smooth one ahead.

Do not die a million death before your realization of realities.

Life is beyond the other world you crave for. Life is you not budging to suicide. Life is you being your last and unending hope. Life is YOU.

You don’t need anyone to motivate you as you don’t buy to cheap talks but you’re your greatest motivation.

Revive it. Talk no less of yourself.

Suicide is no resolver, suicide is no mediator, suicide is no guard.

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