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One of those places that our school system has failed us is that It never taught us how to manage our finance. Our financial intelligence is one of those things that our glamorous curriculum compilers had failed to include in our school syllabus. We were believed to be omniscient in financial matters.  We have so many unemployed graduates out there under the scorching hands of the sun, they are desperately miserable because the school system never taught them how to manage their finance. They were never taught how to make ideas become ventures that could pay them in the nearest future when properly managed. They were  never taught how to monetize their ideas to opportunity or rather how to identify money yielding opportunities. The school system failed to teach that idea rules the World and how to manage our Talent to prepare us for the future. Notwithstanding,  the school system  has caused many havoc in the mind of many youths out there, it has in many ways brainwashed them and their craving parents.  The greatest wrong of the school system is churning out more employees in the labour market than entrepreneurs.
The school system never  taught us the difference between spending money on liabilities and on assets.  We were not taught that anything that takes money  out from us are known as liabilities and those  that brings money into our pocket are assets.  Even if we were taught; it was put into practice by these mouth watery lecturers.  How can a lecturer or a professor of finance who taught you financial accounting or finance accomplished these few things: few awards,  three bedroom bungalow, one in the village and the other in city and one SRV Car,  and pension? How would students look at him, a successful finance professor or a failed finance professor?
School won’t teach you that reality requires that you do more of those things that brings money into your pocket than those that takes money out from your pocket. They won’t teach you that. The system has conditioned our mind on how to work for others for the rest of our life without thinking of one idea that could turn our life around.
Blame the system for making you believe that those teachers or your parents whom you look up to had never failed in one way or the other in their life. And this has many effect in the life of our young ones now, they are being humiliated by the lecturers and their parents because they didn’t meet up with their grades or rather they had carry over in some borrowed courses in School. They humiliate them,  makes them feels worthless because of one subject or the other. Some of the lecturers torment them in the name of giving them mark.    Some of them feel humiliated or desperate whenever they fail and they are bashed by their parents or lecturers or the society. Remember, failure is to be avoided not feared. Failure is part of life. you can’t escape it.
It may likely be said that many graduates have wasted four to five years of their life pursuing everybody’s definition of success, blame the school system for that. Some graduates out there are  one of  the problems of the society. They are not problem solvers, but problem givers. Some graduates out there are lost constituting nuisance in the streets of our country home.  Blame the school system for their misery because it taught them that school certificates  will give them the good life and that dream job once they have good grades.
We have many parents who forced their children to live their own dreams, they forced their children to go to school and study Sociology because they once had that dream of studying sociology but they could not because the school system failed them woefully.  Some of our parents dream of becoming a pilot but they could not because the school system gave them law. They believed that what they taught as a lecturer in school is best for their children to study. On the long run,  they end up reaping the fruit of their children’s bitterness. Education never taught us that we are all responsible for our own life.
It is important to understand that going to school could get you a good, mouth watery job, but it is more important to also have it in mind that the value of education far outweighs just getting a good paying job after graduation. The getting-a-good-job syndrome after school should be something we shouldn’t have at the back of mind.  Most of us went to school for degrees, not for the joy of learning and the joy abound in acquiring  knowledge that school gives. Many went to   school to get good grades,  many went to school because they needed to please their parents,  many went to school because they want to be relevant in the society with their school certificates; and others, because everyone out does.  But the truth of the matter is that,  with the failed school system in our beloved country, you are only left to make a choice of why you want to go to school and what you want to do with your life after school.
The choice is yours and no one else. Make deliberate effort to change the way you see or what they taught you in school. See beyond those things you learnt in those four walls.
In conclusion, I can say that the vendors and harm of this failed system of our precious school system depends on how we use it to achieve out goals in life. It is better to use the very best aspects of this system we find ourselves while working on improving it to suits us. This way, it will help us pave the way to a happy future full of new perspectives and and conveniences while leaning on the goodies that come with Western Education.

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