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CAREER DECIDE By Olaseni Kehinde Precious

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          Career simply means someone’s occupation. Work is panacea for poverty but career is more than putting end to pathetic poverty and indigence. Career is to make ends meet, to make mincemeat of destitution and most especially the fount of everlasting interest, joy and peace. Apparently, the issue of imposing career on children have become a usual act in our society today. The society which consists of different families, ethnicity, political groups etc decided to condole the sense of making the people engage in some certain works, jobs, professions with their paradigm being vague. Although the family have major role to play as far as children’s calling is concerned, they should not take such despicable act of jeopardizing children’s future directly and indirectly.
           This horrible occurrence often occurs because some parents or guardians, who have failed to achieve a particular aim of practicing one calling or another, but all to no avail as result of some hapless circumstances, see their children or younger ones’ future as a fulfillment to such particular dream. Most times, the beloved child or most phlegmatic sibling is likely to fall into this dream dungeon because they see it as a way they could prove their love and also a way to attain and fulfill their old ambition and perhaps their solace. For instance, A man who failed to accomplish the dream of becoming an Engineer might instill in his child, mostly the favorite one, to pursue a career in Engineering to cover up for his aborted dream.
           Furthermore, this ugly trend usually happens owing to the fact that those children have not matured enough to decide their career or to have a particular aim, ambition and aspiration to accomplish. For instance, a child who is asked of his future goals, ambitions and plans in order to be assisted with a proper implementation, But quite unfortunately, he/she couldn’t provide an answer to the question. Such child is likely to be given a wrong career that is inappropriate to the talent of the child or his area of blessing. The worst part of this is when children themselves know the career they long and yearn for, but parents notably father will force their interested one on them.
            Another inducement of career dictation is society. As we all know the society needs adequate funding for growth and societal development, people, base on societal factors, dictate and choose a wrong profession for the young people. Empirically, most children are forced into some certain careers because of their lucrativeness in order to meet up with the requirement of the society. Since no parent wants their children to end in endemic penury, therefore, most of them assume that the best way to provide them a financial security is by forcing them into certain occupation not because of any other reason rather than the factor of money involved and as a result of the prominence and emphasis placed on some certain skills, businesses and professions by the society. However, they be-little and dishearten those who do not involve in it leading to the action of “fit in.”
            Indubitably, no undesirable act occurs without its own consequences. In other words, this unconsciously conventionalized action has some certain wounds on the victims. In fact, the society couldn’t be put aside to escape the reverberation also because the more luminaries a society produce in diverse callings have an immense influence on the development of the nation and vice-versa. Most of the victims of this situation birth in a lackadaisical attitude towards such particular careers. They mostly participate or involve without enthusiasm thereby making them a failure either in the aspect of learning or in the labour market since they have neglected the area of persistence, determination, interest and tenacity in fostering their performance and greatness in such career. Some of the victims of career dictate who are vision driven never neglect the fact that there is a need to pursue a particular profession that brings joy towards them. Some of them, after engaging in the career they are being forced into, they later go to immerse in their own heart desire i.e the career they always love but was criticized and ridiculed. Therefore, such victims end up wasting their time and effort.
           However, the perpetrators of such act serve as the cause of sadness and non fulfillment to the victims. They create enmity and animosity among them i.e the children and parents as a result of denying one of their rights. I do hear some student say “If not for my dad, I wouldn’t be studying this course.” and some say “This country is fucked up.” This act only develops the seed of hatred in the victims towards their perpetrators who turn some of their hearts to black i.e turning human to inhuman and increasing the furnace of their hatred towards the person or society.
            Whatever goes up, comes down, this vile act of dictating career for children could be subjected to gravity, and therefore, its furnace and comeuppance can never be over-emphasized. Parents should stop seeing themselves as expertise in some particular situations especially when it’s a crucial one like the discussing topic in order to prevent interminable tragedies and disasters in the life of their children and also a regretful life for themselves. Rather, they should only suggest in terms of career, guide them effectively and give them the choice of making their own decisions. Moreover, the parents should carefully figure out their children God’s given ability, help them to foster it in terms of parental support. They should take their time to find out their children’s area of interest that inspire their love for learning to build a productive career.
            In conclusion, there should be social awareness. The society should be enlightened about the aftermaths of career dictate and parents should discern that their children are to serve their interest and not parent’s interest and fulfillment. They should be oriented on how money and career are different things and their interweaving. There should be cancellation of the stereotyping act and be-belittling of some careers because no career is above the other in terms of passion and interest rather an help mate for one another. Career is not about lucrativeness, rather the vision we see in it, the happiness we derive, the passion we have for it.

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