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What anybody else misses about you, I don’t know as I can only speak for myself.
I miss everything about you bunky..
I miss your stern fatherly advice, your loving motherly care, your cute brotherly love, your sweet sisterly support, your killer smile, your hearty laughs, your stupid cries at movies, your sweet delicacies, your picture love, our endless arguments, our baseless fight.. I can’t even say a thing about you that I don’t miss.

If I had known that a day like this will come that I’ll crave so badly just to see you, I’ll have had millions pictures of us taken every second. I miss you so much that it hurts to even think about moments we’ve shared. I really can’t wait to have you back baby, its way too hard without you.

I have never thought that a day will come that I’ll have to be strong for you.. You’ve always been the strong one encouraging us never to give up. Everything lost its meaning already without you, its just to sad I have to miss you this badly.
If everything seems bad and not going as we planned, just remember that its Allah’s plan and he alone plans best!

Get well soon love.. Mosun misses you
You already know I can’t love you less!

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