HOWLING By Ajíbádé Abdullah Pentalk

Written by Bada Yusuf Amoo


If only Bàbá Àgbà would come back breathing,
and tell us the story in full;
Of how Ìjàpà soiled the dignity of Erin Ojósí.

If only Ìyá Àgbà would give birth to another child,
Then the story of Ekú Owó Lómi would be
another song at every moments,
And Iyán won’t be for only festivals again.

If only Ogún Omodé could play for Ogún Odún,
Then Arákunrin Àná wouldn’t have murdered his old friend.

If only Ìjàpà Tì Rókò could be written in my use of english,
Again my brain would be an ocean of flowing stories.


If only Àbíké had married me,
She wouldn’t have been a punch bag,
For Àdìó to calm his anger.

If only Àbèbí had heeded the warnings of her mother,
Unwanted pregnancy wouldn’t have caused her death.

If only Àkàndé had eaten from the pot of his father’s warnings,
Maybe he wouldn’t have impregnated Àbèbí.

If only Omodé Àná heeded the warnings of Àwon Àgbà;
Omodé Ìsèyí might not be of goat skin.

If only Bààlè Ilé never died,
Maybe the walls of wisdom
Would never have fallen.

About the author

Bada Yusuf Amoo

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