UNTITLED By Adeniju Obasanjo

Written by Bada Yusuf Amoo

It all started like any day we were liberated from our colonial masters
It was a joy to our heart but an hidden sorrow to our future
They were picked because they could protect us
They were chosen because they fought for our liberation
They were our leaders cause we wanted to feel safe
Yes! They are the military officials
Dressed in their photosynthetic camouflage
Holding their steel close to them
Yes, they are the first chapter in history of political corruption
They are the fathers of corruption in Nigeria
They rob their citizens of the fruits of their sweat
Like it wasn’t enough they brought in the act of sending the heir to so called ‘government throne’ through coup

Like we weren’t satisfied we fought for Democracy
A demo version of craziness
Corruption became a ping pong game between the government.
Passed from generation to generation
Now we’re rated the most corrupt country
We are pinned out among the rest
Stained with the colours of corruption

They said democracy is the government of the people by people and for the people
Now the people suffer from the government established for the people
Now money beasts occupy the government positions which are meant for the people.
The people cry
But they get no reply
We pay, they gain
We work ,they get fat
If they are caught ,they bribe

Now our system is broken
No day passes without a life being taken

Let’s get to reality
Has God forgoten us
Or our land has been cursed
We wake up every morning
To hear the crow from a cranky cock
Praying for a corrupt free nation

About the author

Bada Yusuf Amoo

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