BEBEDI (WAIST BEAD) By Taofiqat Ayomide Nasir

Written by Editor

Ileke asinmodi
afi bii aso ide, Lagidigba
Bebedi is what you are call
the sekere of waist length.

In streamline lock, your fingers are laced
around a wundia’s waist,
like the joyous chant after a tasty wine
to tease in turn her rhythmic Butts.

Bebedi Ileke oge,
Ibadiaran claps more to your talk,
saying your toxic triggers more then ogogoro,
She said, you are the drum that deceived the prince
and make him a prisoner to her might,
She said, of cosmetics you brush of every sense
Especially when clotted in sacred colours.

Bebedi Ileke oge,
I am also on the race to master beauty,
pray, marry your charm on my fragility
like dripping Iri on ododo, mirror “my thing”
make me a witness to your prowess
marry me off to a prince
as today in lagidigba I am set to dance.


Bebedi: waist bead
Ileke asinmodi: bead that sticks to waistline
Afi bii aso ide: like a kind of cloth
Lagidigba: a waist bead in Yoruba language
Sekere : a musical instrument
Wundia: a maiden in Yoruba language
Ileke oge: ornamental bead
Ibadiaran: a name in Yoruba language.
Iri: Dew in Yoruba language

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