DESTITUTE By Lawal Mutalib Tunde

Written by Bada Yusuf Amoo

Empty bowl not
Coins are in it,
Bouncing of the coins
Calling masses
With mercy in its voice of sorrow.
The deaf feels no shrills
Blown by the monster.
Blind eyes, fierce face,
No house, no clothes
In the monument
With the long staff
Subordinate like Romeo and Juliet.
His rotten body is around the bin.
Rain is falling
Sun is scorching
His feet is heating
Struck by the sufferings
It knows no age and range
Imbalance toes with abnormal ankle
Hardly for him to keep still,
Turning and turning like the widening gyre”
No customer, no customers
Things fell apart,
The centre hub were found no where
His fate is as Falcon can’t hear the Falconer.
His tag rag is not to brag
For him, is to cover his nakedness
White grey is like a bin
Where mosquito and cockroach cocoon themselves.
Oh! See his dirty hair covered with dirty cap
Who will patronize the hopeless man?
Along the road, in the monument city,
Broadcasting his daily news:
“Dan Allah bani kudi”
(“Please give me money”)
Destitute of the earth he is!
This is your voice:
“you will soon get succor”.

About the author

Bada Yusuf Amoo

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