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THE RACE HAS BEGUN By Ganiyu Adeola Original

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Dear freshman, being admitted is an uncommon and a rear privilege considering the number of UTME and post UTME applicants. Now that you’ve been admitted, you must prove that you’re worth being admitted.

Life is a jungle where people struggle for survival. The university is a perfect example of this as all students struggle to graduate. What is more, it is not just to graduate, but to graduate excellently. The competitive nature of the country makes a case for the need to graduate excellently.
Now that you’ve been admitted, you must be up and doing. You cannot afford to fail. Don’t forget the financial implications of your admission which must not go down the drain. Don’t forget the amount of hope placed on you from those at home.

As you start to attend classes, give it the attention and seriousness it deserves. The race to academic excellence starts from the first day of lectures, start well. Make every day of your stay on campus count. Don’t underrate any student and don’t overlook any opportunity. Pay attention to every detail.

Have a daily and weekly schedule for revision. Assess and evaluate yourself often. Live every day like an examination day.

Dear freshman, your final CGPA is a product of your everyday study, take it serious. All lecturers come to class with 100%, it is up to you to take it all or part with some of it. Don’t be fooled, you can have it all, the sharing formula is with you.

The earlier, the better. To break the present record, you must start early. A 5.0 CGPA is not impossible in OAU, if you start early, you can achieve it.

Let it be known that you are the only permanent person in your life. What you make out of OAU will be a product of the decisions and choices you make for yourself, choose wisely.

As I wish you the best, I also implore you to be committed and dedicated to success. Don’t settle for less and don’t limit your abilities and capacities. As you begin your race, run on the right lane and be steady. Don’t be distracted and don’t give in to deceit. Spend your time on beneficial things.

You’ll soon end your race, may you end well.

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