LAMENTATION By Odusanya Oladimeji

Written by Bada Yusuf Amoo

O Creator, where are you?
Why is this happening to Me?

Sore at night with strong tears, I Write!
My heart is filled with bitterness
My Skin is black like an Oven,Terrible Famine!
Affliction and my misery; The Wormwood and gall,
What did I do to deserve this….?
…..Sitteth alone and keepeth Silent Still.

My eyes runneth down with Water,
My Life, My Soul, I present to ServeYou Creator,
Yet! My Soul far off from Peace and Prosperity,
I knew you, Not with Wealthy-Poverty Creator.
Why thou Neglect Me? O creator of Heavens!

O creator, out of my dungeon; Hide Not thine ears at my breathing, at my cry.

Did I not Solve and Serve enough?
Your Promises, are yet to cross the track.
You said I will Prosper, Soar, Lead and Flourish,
My Soul hath them in Remembrance and is humbled in Me..

…Then why? Until Poverty becomes my Second Name?
The Yoke of my transgression are bound and Wreathed.
Why this Great Servitude?, My Iniquity is less way Sin of Sodom!
Glory-God, Give Great Gifts Gaze Gracefully!.

…Before your name leave my mouth;
Before my teeth are broken with gravel stones
And My body covered with Sand and Ashes.

About the author

Bada Yusuf Amoo

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