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The physical environment of an area is an important as the people living within it. It contains features which are product of natural and artificial activities. Such features include hills, valleys and plain surfaces. They present beautiful landscape and in place, are tourist centres e g .Igbeti rock in Oyo State.

It is a trite and down to earth truth that Oke ogun is endowed with huge and homogeneous mineral resources for example :the Rock in Igbeti. Igbeti is also know knowns as marble city for its rich marble deposit. Iya Mopo and Agbeleke Rock are the two most visited sites in Igbeti. Iya Mopo Hill, the highest Hill in Igbeti, was once as shelter against an attack. Agbeleke Rock is a natural formed statue said to depict a mother with load on her head carrying her child.

It is high time crossed from political cry to the terrain of beauty around Oke Ogun, the title of this piece was once time a theme and subject of discussion at Oke Ogun youth summit held at Kishi almost a year back now. It is so pathetically pathetic, that the end result of such great summit has been compared with a fresh released fart that disappeared within the twinkle of an eye. The invited guest lecturer then Dr A A Abdul lateef Owoade painstakingly and intellectually analysed the tips and hints on how to tame those mineral resources to ameliorate the miasma of unemployment, but it is a pity that our leaders have taken no dam action to ensure this ,thus the saying that ‘planning without execution amount to hallucination’ become our second nature, as the leaves in soup become soup itself as a result of its Longevity .

What triggered me to write this, is that reflecting on how Oluma Rock in Abeokuta become a great business and source of income for the Ogun state Government and in fact a way of making money for the indigenous .There ,before you can enter the gate,#1000 must be paid for a head and the receipt is issued with immediate action. Waiting for the visitors are the indigene, who will claim to have known the root of Olumo Rock and make an attempt to take the visitors around the rock and explain the historical background of the Rock, showing the images of their past hero and heroine, snapping e t c ,the end result of their explanations is money, from there individual makes the end meet. The most interesting part is that there are customized and lift route to ease the movement of the people ,all in the name of Oluma Rock, Thousands of money drop even the stingy one will be forced to pay as a result of beautification. As historical background has been attributed to Oluma Rock, so also the Rock Igbeti, a defensive mechanism for Egba warriors, so also a mean of hiding for the soldiers of Igbeti land, in fact the Rock in Igbeti is better by far higher , attracting than that of Olumo Rock. What is now the difference? The disparities are not far fetched, while the Osun State Government takes their mineral resources as a blessed and invaluable, the Oyo state Government sees it as s waste of space e t c.

What makes our situation especially galling in the fervid intrusion of some opportunistic sanitizer who bear direct, sometimes even originating responsibility for the plight in which the blessed minerals resources placed These are individual who should be doing penance, walking from one corner of the town to the other corner in the equivalent of sackcloth and ashes for their role in bringing the the state or town to its lamentable conditions. Yet they insist on remaining obsessively in the public face, preening themselves up for the recognition as the primary forces behind a state or a town renewed efforts to redeem and Redetermine itself .

The clock of change cannot tick sufficiently fast… Proudly Omo Oke Ogun.

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