APRIL 24 By Feyintola Sakinah

Written by Bada Yusuf Amoo

On this day,a strong,calm and respectful man was born
The trees in the forest were bowing just because a great man was born
Yes, a memorable day!

My respect for you has increased over the years
Like an egg,you have cared,loved and pampered me
You taught me how to be strong when life becomes bitter
You inspired me,
You support me in all ways just to become a greater person

You made my life a unique one
You provide me with all the assistance I needed to overcome every obstacle that comes my way
Thank you for always being everything and guiding me to chase my dreams

I know you have sacrificed a lot in your life just to make me happy
Wow! You are truly a strong man

I want to thank you on every little thing you have done,
Every single smile you have given me
Every single tears you have shed on my behalf
You are the world best!


About the author

Bada Yusuf Amoo

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