HER DEMANDS By Opaaje Alexander Opacash

Written by Bada Yusuf Amoo

That very dark night
Mama called out loudly

She never calls twice before I rise , like a Knight
Adufe mi,Okomi
Okanlawon temi nikan

When her lips show love this much
I know words are about to rain
flooding every where like Noah’s time

Precise in knowledge
My trivialities, now ‘a consider or die affair’
With her purposeful eulogy that elevates hearts

Mends the soul from pain
Soothes like the sea breeze
Swells head ahead

If you want one like me, out there they’re
Dark skinned like an ebony tree
With a walk that makes happy like a Peacock

This seems an unending demand
Day and night, this talk
You must, Yes not just a woman

Not certain of one out there
Having a womanly garment on
Is there?

Our ladies, in the name of fashion
cover their body with rags, fashion their values
Is anyone there with her demands?

That could make a distinction in dressing?
Regard for elders?
That could make a distinction in proper upbringing of our springs?
is anyone there with her demands?

About the author

Bada Yusuf Amoo