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MESSAGE OF LOVE By Taofiqat Nasiru

Written by Editor

Are we not tired now because obviously the drum had been beaten and our good dancers are getting exhausted due to our lack of cooperation. The violent wind obstructing the curtains of peace in this country isn’t from the outside court but rather an inner Fan, how big and fast this fan can grow all depends on our creative sanity.

I want to suggest that it is high time we open our eyes altogether has a Nation with optimistic desires to ransack our portfolios of understanding and see that this government and her governance are not the Messiah’s we are waiting for and as a matter of fact the Shooting Parties are both birds of a feather which simply means that if we didn’t stand-up together as a nation to cleanse this discomforting Fogs of bloodshed which is daily chasing our associative peace, then I am Afraid this Nation of wide lands will perish from the pests within her earth.

Fellow Nigerians, I think this shouldn’t be the time to judge about who harbours a bigger park for cars or who instinctively creates a medium for conundrum just to crave heroism and win hearts but rather a critical time to forsake our insouciant nature of “I DON’T CARE ATTITUDE, IF NIGERIAN SPOIL WE GO ALL SUFFER FOR AM”, the red lines of ethnical marginalization and religion fanatism needs to be destroyed from our pod of reasoning so has to win over the war of the MINORITIES WITH POWER OVER THE MAJORITIES WITH MOUTH.

The disease depreciating the worth of our dear country is solidly entombed in our collective hearts and if we don’t use the strength of Unity, Love and Tolerance to burn and distill this threat then we could probably just sit and watch our dear country perish in the pool of self war.

My dear fellow citizens, those government agencies and there parties are pretentious allaies and are not there for your mental and physical health so it is better for you to sit right and tight in this forthcoming election to call a Dog a bad name while making Hay before the sun shines. “I don talk my own”.

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