Society of Young Nigerian Writers Gets New Secretary General

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Following his great achievements, exploits and vestiges in the field
of Literary Arts in Nigeria and beyond, Izunna Okafor has been
appointed as the National Secretary General of the Society of Young
Nigerian Writers (SYNW). This was made upon on his gargantuan vestiges
and luminous impacts in the creative field of life, even as a young
multidimensional writer.Announcing the appointment, the National President of the
SYNW, Mr. Wole Adedoyin described it as quite auspicious, and a
well-deserved appointment, recounting some of the Izunna’s numerous
achievements. He noted that good work attracts greater recognition and
promotion, thereby justifying the rationale behind the new title.

Izunna Okafor is a multiple award-winning Young Nigerian
Novelist, poet, essayist, columnist, journalist, publicist, Igbo
language activist, editor and potential administrator. He has won  and
been nominated for a plethora of awards which include:

The Nigerian Writers Award/Indigenous Writer of The Year 2015/2016

Society of Young Nigerian Writers/Pita Nwana Prize For Igbo Literature 2015

Nigeria Heritage Icon Award/Young Writer of the Year  Federal
Republic of Nigeria 2016;

Merit Award from The Society of Young Nigerian Writers (2016)

Award of Recognition From The Students’ Union President, Unizik (2017)

The Nigerian Writers Award/Young Writer of The Year 2015/2016.

N.Y.S.C. Essay Competition 2012;

SLAM Hero Youth International Award/ Innovative Youth of the Year 2016;

Ark Foundation Quiz Competition 2016

AEYCA/Youth Writer of The Year 2016

Award of Academic Excellence from The National Association of Public
Administration Students (2016);

Inspire Award /Intellectual Youth of The Year 2017;

NAPAS Academic Icon of The Year 2017;

Campus Writer/Journalist of The Year 2017;

Award of Excellence from The Society of Young Nigerian Writers 2016;

Anambra Exclusive Youth Choice Award/Outstanding Youth of the Year 2017;

Youth Writer of The Year 2016

NAPAS Essay Competition 2017;

Starlett Entertainment Award/Creative Writer of the Year 2016;

Inspire Award /Intellectual Youth of The Year 2017;

He was nominated for The Future Award Africa 2016/African Prize For
Education,  which is the biggest and most prestigious African Youth

He has been published in so many magazines, websites, literary blogs,
anthologies and journals, both nationally and internationally. He also
a columnist and renowned journalist, currently working with the ‘
Anambra Newspaper Printing Corporation’, the publishers of  ‘National
Light Newspaper’; as well as Igbo Radio (www.igboradiocom).

His published books include ‘Ikem’s Adventure’; ‘The Curse of A
Widow’; The Faithful Children” “Ajo Enyi” and “African Blood”. To his
credit, he also has numerous poems, short stories and over two hundred
articles published online, both in English and the Igbo languages

Prior to his appointment, Izunna has been the coordinator of the
Society of Young Nigerian Writers Anambra State Chapter as well as
the brain behind “Remembering Chinua Achebe: A Literary Icon” which is
an annual literary event held in memory of Chinua Achebe. He has held
leviathan secretarial positions in different organisations, both at
state and national level. He is an ambassador of TFA Africa in
Nigeria; the ambassador of Read Across Nigeria in Anambra State. As a
four-hundred level student of Unizik, he’s also the current Secretary
General of the National Association of Public Administration Students
(Unizik Chapter).
Presenting him with the certificate of appointment, the
National President of the SYNW, Mr. Wole also noted that the
appointment is with immediate effect, and will run for a period of two
years, even as he avow the organization’s readiness to quake the
country with more literary activities, come 2018.
He also noted that Izunna still retains his position as the state
coordinator of the forum.

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