LAGOS, the hope, the despair By Olaniyi Abdulwaheed

Written by Editor

The time, first, to glow in the city

The time, first, to be stranded

The time, first, to be rich

The time, first, to strive


The stinking wealth, Lagos, the mother

The pearly penury, Eko[1], the eyesore

Influx the poor, influx the rich


Oh! The sky-licking skyscraper of Islands

Stirred the hope, repelled the despair


Ah! The oozing sore of pungent ghetto

Lagged the Lagos, thwarted the growth


Hmm.., dinning in the mind:

Mesmerizing, the glittering nymphs;

Appetizing, the garlic of the kitchen,


Fiercely the roads, friendly the looks

Shocked and soaked

In the labyrinths of roads



In the shell of loss,

I lured, the courage, to lick the omellete

Of timid-less

Lest straddle the stranger

With dazzling minds


Departure to Lagos

Arrival, the hope and despair.

[1] The local name for Lagos, a city in Nigeria

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