Short Story

TACIT CONSENT By Faniyi Olaoluwa Esther

Written by Bada Yusuf Amoo

Last night we received a mail. We sat at the round table in the barely furnished room, daddy’s spare room, and watched mother’s quivering lips. She read from the sheet, her hands lowered, her head bowed, but we could see her face. The candle at the center of the table lit her face and I thought I saw a tear at the corner of her eyes. She paused intermittently and made a face. At last she laughed. It was a long laugh. A deep laugh. A choking laugh and I got her water and she sipped slowly then she burst into tears and told us what she read. No one believed it. I wasn’t sure what to believe. I had a warm sensation at the pit of my belly and a cold in my chest. I did not know what to believe.

I chose to hold to their thoughts and so we laughed together and reminded ourselves of good old memories and then his promises. One by one we laid to sleep and I thought I saw mother kneel to pray before I closed my sleepy eyes.

Another mail this morning, yet, last night message again. No one believed it, Mother said she had a good dream, she spoke at length and our spirits were raised.

Many times through the day we ran to the gate. Each person thought the same – first the horn, then our names.

The gate rattled once again but I think something is different. Mother walked right across to her room. I think I saw sunken eyes. They seem to tell a story. I feel like she knows something we do not know, though she had been here with us all through the time.

The gate rattled once more, but each to their own work with steadfast commitment and sluggishness. Then this warm and cold sensation fused and washed over my body. Maybe it is true I begin to think.

About the author

Bada Yusuf Amoo

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