LET THERE BE PEACE By John Chizoba Vincent

Written by Editor

Let there be a new song of oneness

Not from the old ruggered gun of lies

That perches on the ego of pride, and

Let butterflies grow in the shoulder of

Hatred that governs this breakable world.

We can be called the songsters of love,

Those who knows how to curl joy among

Men shall we be known for all over;

This will bring us together in unity.

Boys will be boys again and girls, girls again.

Our daughters shall dream dreams again,

Our men shall go hunting rodent together;

The dance of our women shall be of holiness.

We can teach our fingers to hold one another,

Journey through with the world of others in

our heart of gold night and day, smiling.

Let there be peace in your honourable heart ,

Let there be peace among the brethren,

We can suck out terrorism  among men;

Lick the verses in the joy of our brothers.

You’ll be my hero before the song birds,

Do not ask how it going to come by here,

Do not ask with the eyes of lost and want,

Do not ask; it’s possible with one heart.

We’ll not die with this voice of silence,

Love those who make your day darker,

Tomorrow holds more feast in happiness.

Love those that poke their fingers in your eyes,

Our land need you and I to develop in purity.

Love those that scribed your name dishonestly,

We shall all drink from one cup soon.

The excitement in our lyrics shall rise soon

And we shall learn the great secret of water.

Unity is the core value of our lives,

Love strengthens our value of liberation,

Development beckon on the rock of oneness.

Give me your hands, we can build more when

we are in one blood that speak better than that of Abel.

About the author


Bada Yusuf Amoo holds B.A in Literature in English from Obafemi Awolowo University, he is the publisher of thespeakingheart.com. He started the website in 2015, he has published both his works and other budding writers and poets on the website. He is a public commentators and his articles are on different websites.