Short Story

IT WAS MY FATHER (Episode 4) By Kehinde Oluwatomi

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“Father caught having sex with his six years old daughter: wife devastated”

The newspapers headline in Gbade’s hands caught my attention.

“There are so many people suffering from psychological disorders these days. They just look normal but they are not.” Gbade said.  “Hello… Moyin” Gbade called slapping my shoulder. I was so lost in thought.

“Are you okay Moyin?”

“I am. I just need to be alone now. Excuse me” I left the Faculty of Social Science’s basement where I was with Gbade walked towards my hostel.

He tried to call me but I couldn’t hold the weight in my heart anymore. I knew I wasn’t okay and I couldn’t continue like this. Later that evening, Gbade came to my hostel. I was still not myself. I was down and wasn’t recovering.  My roommate, Shade was so worried about me. She tried getting me out of my mood but couldn’t and she decided Kike. Kike too came around, but none of them really knew the tumor going inside of me. When I heard that Gbade was around, I tried wearing some fake smile which was very obvious to everyone.

Gbade demanded to talk to me outside my room which I obliged. I was in the cloth I wore to class earlier.

“Look at you Moyin. You look scattered. Your hair and you’ve not even changed. Tell me, what’s wrong. You know you can always talk to me.” He talked with concern. Was I ready to tell anyone what was happening to me? Was I ready to confide in Gbade. I looked into his face as if to confirm my fears of trust.

Gbade and I had been close that hardly would a day pass without he and I communicating. We told each other deep secrets of ourselves but this is one of my deepest secrets, I wasn’t sure I was ready to share with anyone.

“You can always trust me.” He said convincingly.

Hmm…. This is my story. A story I haven’t told anyone else before.

Gbade held my hands as if to confirm again that I could trust him.

“Hmmmm…. It all started when I was three years old…”

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