Short Story

IT WAS MY FATHER (Episode 3) By Kehinde Oluwatomi

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My friend, Kikelomo, invited to me to her fellowship’s annual choir night and drama night, which were to hold for two consecutive days. I was eager to go for these programmes. Kike came to my room to call me when it was almost time for the program and together, we went. It was the choir night first.

The worship session had already started when we arrived at the venue. We hasten our steps and later found two empty seats at the third row in the middle column of the church. I lifted up my hands to God in worship as I craved for more of God. I wanted to know Him more, I wanted Him to make me perfect, I wanted Him to be revealed more than before to me.  I opened my eyes and saw that there were really worshipers in God’s presence. Each of us lifted up our eyes to God in worship. Really, the time has come when people worshiped God in spirit and in truth.

After the worship session, it was time for a short exhortation before the concert starts fully. Then I saw Gbade climb up the altar. I was surprised seeing him and as if to confirm my surprise, Kike whispered in my ears that he was the fellowship’s president.

He saw me from the pulpit and with the expression of shock on his face too, smiled at me. He spoke the word fluently. I was greatly blessed by his short exhortation and thirty minutes later, he rounded off his exhortation and then the choir took their place on the altar. They looked so beautiful and handsome in their costume. Their faces were bright as they sang with so much enthusiasm. Surely God was in that place. Healing took place, chains were broken and many received answers to their prayers. I felt fulfilled for the day.

The program ended and we exchanged pleasantries. It was a glorious program. Gbade was talking with some members of the church when we saw each other and he motioned for Kike and I to wait for him. Few minutes later, he was approaching us and with a radiant smile on his face, he greeted us, he handshake us.

“Wow…. Moyin, I’m really happy to see you here. Sure, you were blessed by the program” he said.

“Yes. I was greatly blessed. And I never knew you were the president of this fellowship until today. It’s a great work God is doing through you. More grease to your elbow.”

He smiled and replied, “We thank God for what He is doing. You know we can’t stop the work of the Lord. If we do not do it, someone else will. So, it’s a great privilege working in God’s vineyard.”

“You are very right. We are just pencils in God’s hands. Without Him we are nothing “Kike replied.

We were about leaving, so Gbade required for my phone contact and we exchanged codes. We bade ourselves goodbye as I left the church premises with Kike. It’s been a wonderful night in God’s presence. I was broken.

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