IT WAS MY FATHER (Episode 2) By Kehinde Oluwatomi

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Years passed and I was already in the tertiary institution, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. I was studying English, although a lot had changed in my family these past few years. My stepmother was no longer wicked ever since she met the Lord. She had surrendered herself totally to God and she had changed tremendously. But were my pasts ready to change with the time?  My father likewise was no more cold hearted like before. They had both met the lord.

Sometimes I ask myself, why is God so merciful. Why does he look over our sins as soon we return back to him? Why doesn’t he punish the wicked for as long as they are wicked instead of waiting for them to repent? A lot of lives would be affected by their wicked deeds. Some even loses their lives as a result. Why is God just so merciful?

These questions and a lot more flow through my mind occasionally. Not as if I was worthy of God’s mercy or that I had no sin, but some sins just seem unforgivable that I feel as if God is just unfair by forgiving them. Only if I were God.

My university days were the most interesting of my life. I was free and happy. I knew what it meant to have happiness and give it unto others. I was dedicated to God’s works and to the great commission. My academics weren’t lagging behind either. I was top of my class and I knew that God’s presence followed me everywhere. Things were going on well with me, until my third year in school when I met Gbade.

It was on a particular Thursday evening. We just concluded Bible study in my school fellowship. I was on my way back to my hostel when I met Gbade. He appeared to be in a hurry and was walking at a very high speed when he bumped into me and all what I carried fell. I was mad at him for not been conscious and careful. I said a lot of things out of my anger to him but at the end he apologized for his carelessness and left running ahead of me.

Two days later, we met again in school, but this time, he wasn’t in a rush. I didn’t see him at first until when he walked up to me and greeted me with a smile. He apologized for the previous day and introduced himself to me.

“Hello.” He said smiling at me and extended his hand for pleasantry. I replied his gesture by shaking him too.

“And I’m really sorry for the other time.”

“It’s okay. I see you were in a hurry. It just met me at the wrong time and that was why I replied angrily too. I’m really sorry for snapping at you” I replied.

“No problem then. Apology accepted.” He said smiling sheepishly.  “I am Gbade and you are?”

“Moyin. Nice meeting you Gbade” I said as we introduced each other.

“It’s my pleasure. I’m off for a class. Hope to see you later and know you better than this. Have a nice day” He said.

“Alright, you too have a nice day. Bye. “I said as we went our separate ways. It was obvious that he was a student of law, seeing him in his white shirt and Black trousers, neat and well ironed.  Little did I know that my meeting Gbade would change my life forever.

To be continued…

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