BARNAPEL By World Barnabas

Written by Bada Yusuf Amoo


Voice of a man at the corner of blissful hope to untie weighty wig of baseless root


So it was in the race of breeze

that thoughts dazzled in unknown

but mind must not in this freeze

eyes opener to the cloudy clown.


My pleasure to let you know truth

I’m not the owner of radiant load

I may not love the taste of this fruit

though I tasked teeth to tongue its cud.


Nella is a denizen of two opposing walls

cherished developing day and rest of night

I cannot blow siren because of many calls

for tussles in this stream will I alone fight.


I dressed to redress hanging skin of dress

featherless flamingo is also a living bird

for plumes will in its appointed time press

wanderer will at last sleep in shade of shed.



I will rather embraced lushness of PEL tree

for its leaves and barks glued broken heart

in the name of coming light will shadows flee

on connection of aspiration we’ll surely chat.


This is my stepping to the ringing tone of drum

in the cool of the day will I join league of JIGIS

I will climb ladder to climb mountain of storm

heart among hearts calls its heart without fogs.

About the author

Bada Yusuf Amoo

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