FOR A NIGHT by World Barnabas

Written by Bada Yusuf Amoo

Hope of thought

Lingers on the shade of the moon

Fragrance of skin induces strength

Knot of innocence awaits clueless-cutting

Password and watchword tarry in silence.

Blade of pleasure

Ran through the curtain of the night

Tears-smiles are scored sonorously

Gateway of gods crumbled at the stain of blood

Imbecilic vengeance buries branches of almond.


I sing of change

That perishes in horizon of promises

Claps of lepers to break coconut-tide

Beautiful rose of familiar heart is milling star with staff

On the land of Lilliput mighty are buried in grass-envelope.


Darkness hung at the corners of springing beatitudes

Native of the night propagates prosperity of confusion

Hunting dog goes deaf at the wilderness

Chariot chatters at horses’ sliding-flees

A race of tussle,


Night promises not to come again

But dusk refuses to handover to the rising sun

Wealth of the night inhabits the purchasing power of morning-market

Blood is drinkable water at the table of the night

Femur and humerus are toothpicks for the guests.


At the conference of the day we await the confession of night

The resurrection of sword is in separation of wheat and tares

Winds and hurricanes are not identical twins

Wordsmith is totally forgotten in dark silence

Kudos to night-conditioner.

About the author

Bada Yusuf Amoo